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Don't fail the Byepass road please! -letter

I'm saying this because I've seen it happening before, not once but twice.


The recently inaugurated Chitral bazaar Byepass road by the Chief Minister is set to start off on a wrong foot. The executers have decided to start work at the Chew bridge with cutting of the hill.


Even a blind person can see that there is neither any Bazaar, nor  congestion at the chew bridge and cutting the hill is only meant to exhaust the fund on a useless (but profitable for the executers) pursuit, and fail the road for lack of funds when it reaches the congested area where it is actually required.


The bazaar road between Kruprisht  and Polo ground is extremely congested and a torture for both vehicles and pedestrians. It needs to be addressed before any window dressing elsewhere. The chew  bridge hill cutting should be the last priority and can be done at the end, if funds allow.


 I hope the conscientious residents of Chitral will not remain silent spectators and oversee a wrong practice without interfering. Rather I hope people with conscience would actively come forward and check malpractices the brunt of which eventually the poor people have to bear.  --Bashir Hussain Azad, Chitral Bazaar, 25 Oct 10.


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