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Complaint regarding AKES recruitment -letter


Recently we had a test and interview for the vacant positions of different subjects at Aga Khan Higher Secondary Schools in Chitral. Since my subject is English so I would specifically talk about the test and interview of English. We were about nine candidates short-listed for the test, out of whom five were called for the interview, which was held on 15th of July. I went to the AKES office at 10 O’clock whereas my interview timing was 12:10 pm to preclude any excuse. Today the judgment of the panel is out, but not without an extraordinary shock to me. Upon calling the HR officer told me that there was only one position for English and someone else has been selected for that. Whereas on the very day of the test Mr. Zulfiqar (the principal AKHSS Seenlasht) had told us that there were two positions of English and one for Biology. Now the opposite has happened i.e. two persons have been selected for the two positions of Biology and one position of English has disappeared. There must be something wrong somewhere.
The question which triggers my anger is what happened to one of the two positions of English? Either some monster from heavens above or seas beneath has swallowed it; or some AKES official’s close relative must be awaiting his/her Master’s results. I see no other reason.

I would, here, venture to say that none of the members of the interview panel was Master in English and their own very language was not upto the mark. . It was ‘a bull in a china shop’ kind of interview panel. Ironically a person has been selected who has got neither professional degree nor experience at government sector; as I have both.

Another strange thing happened when the ‘cream high-ups’ of AKES did not shortlist a B.Sc (Hons) candidate for the test of Mathematics. I hope the officials know that B.A/B.Sc (Hons) is equivalent to M.A/M.Sc. The credibility of AKES Chitral further becomes questionable when after holding the test for the position of Mathematics they cancelled it, under the pretension that none of the candidates could perform up to their standard, and re-advertised the vacancies. There is least doubt that the above mentioned candidate must have approached some higher official of AKES Pakistan.

I, here, wish to draw the attention of the high-ups of AKES Chitral that if If your criteria of selection is sectarian-exclusive and based on nepotism and favoritism (which I am sure is not in the policies of AKES Pakistan) then you should mention it in your advertisements. If experience and professional degrees mean nothing to you then why do you mention them in the advertisements?? If your judgment is preplanned and predetermined then why do you make a fool of us?

I hereby request the high officials of AKES Pakistan to take care of its branch in the nutshell multi-sectarian locality of Chitral before it loses its image and credibility. I strongly request the responsible officers of AKES Chitral to please select people on pure basis of qualification and merit, and assure fairness if you want AKES to regain its credibility. If you cannot free yourselves from the grip of your whims and personal interests then leave the ground to fair people. Please do not prove blots on the fair name of AKES.


Zahoor ul Haq Danish
Booni, Chitral

24 July 2010


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