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HAARP syndrome -letter

Is it a reality or a fiction? The proponents of this theory have lot to explain however, it has created a stir in the thought process of many. Those who call it a fabulous fiction, outright reject it saying, "Why CIA or US will use this destructive weapon and then lead in the run of helpers for the humanity in distress? Let's not forget that when there is a mission to accomplish, then everything is possible.

To most of us, HAARP is a new word. But it does not mean that it does not exist. Decades back, even the thought to fly like a bird was most weird but, it is a reality now. However, there are some grey areas need to be examined and explained:

1. The havoc which we are facing is localised to Pakistan only in the whole region. The mountainous range from where it started covers other countries also. But strangely, it is Pakistan-specific. Is it not very strange?

2. The monsoon rain in Pakistan was not alarming or unprecedented. Certainly it was above normal which could have caused medium size flood which we have experienced in 80s.

3. The present flood started from the Swat area and every passing day its havoc increased and thereafter, it turned into a national calamity. Was it due to rain in the catchment area or sudden melting of great glacier? If it is glacier, then why it melted so ferociously, suddenly and abruptly without any warning from any side though we claim that our sky is lit with searching eyes all around.

4. Why is it Pakistan-specific? It is a million dollar question. There are many conspiracy theories floating. Let us add one more to it. In the present geopolitical scenario, Pakistan is the centre of gravity and more so nuclear Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The game which started from 9/11 brought allied forces to Iraq. Iraq or Saddam had no connection or link with 9/11 but Iraq became the stepping stone, a strategic move. OBL (Laden) and his team were not of Iraq or Afghanistan or Pakistan origin but these three countries have been focussed by US with some purpose. Soon after 9/11 attack, Pakistan was categorically asked to explain whether they are "with US or militant".

The tone and tenor left nothing to choose between devil and the fire. After Iraq, Afghanistan became the battleground, located next to Pakistan and Iran with a purpose. Numerous attempts were and are being made to denuclearise Pakistan and Iran. But both are stubborn. To force Pakistan into submission Taliban factor was reversed on us soon after Russian withdrawal. We were forced to fight in support of allied forces operating in Afghanistan and homegrown Taliban inside Pakistan. The pentagon found al-Qaeda, Taliban, Pakistan Army and its ISI, very difficult to handle in their own ground. The US and CIA found they are losing the battle and their world supremacy under question. To minimise damage to their pride, they decided for good to move away from Iraq. Afghanistan is also not a bed of roses. Casualties are on rise. US government is under serious scrutiny and criticism from inside. Iran stands tall and is not budging. All these failures combined will be a great setback for mighty US and they are looking for a coveted trophy before retreating from Afghanistan.

This trophy is denuclearisation of Pakistan and Iran by any means. For unusual situation, unusual approach is needed. HAARP is that unusual weaponry. Pakistan under democratic civilian government is already fragile with mass corruption and complete law and order failures. There is no leader to lead. Situation is ripe to further aggravate it before it collapses. The flood has added fuel to the fire. Post flood period will explode into anarchy.

All infrastructures of the country have been destroyed. Pakistan army - the strongest element - is now paralysed to move across the country. So what is left? The best course for US to adopt is to get UN sanctions on the ground that Pakistan is rudderless now and any country in such a situation cannot be trusted to hold the nuclear arsenal safely when al-Qaeda is already stalking to get nuclear weapons. Once UN sanction is given Pakistan will lose its teeth and will stay as an Indian satellite, a glee for Israel and India and a serious setback to China. The trophy is won. --Mahmood Ghaznavi, (in 'The Statesman'),  23 Aug 10.

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