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Yarkhunites loose total agriculture produce -letter

The people of Yarkhun have been facing lots of problems for the past one year. Their lands and properties have been destroyed by floods. Their crops and fruits have been ruined by rains. Irrigation channel, link roads, and bridges have been badly damaged.

MPA Haji Ghulam Muhammad visited the area, twice and managed provision of wheat in the area. Yarkhun Road, up to village Pawur, was also repaired under his instructions. The people appreciate his services and hope that he will attend to their miseries and issues, caused by the rains and floods of this year.

Yarkhun is a one crop zone. People cultivate wheat, maize and barley once a year. The grain product of their own land is hardly sufficient for six months. The people need to buy wheat and other commodities of daily use for the rest of six months. This year they collected only one third of their usual product which is germinated and unhygienic as well. Majority of the people have no other source of income except fruits which they sell and get money to buy their other food requirements and this year their purchasing power has gone down to zero.

It will not be out of context if I tell that fodder for their live stock has also become hazardous for the domestic animals.

So the destruction of fruits and crops has given a very serious set back to the economy of these poor people, who deserve sufficient aid from the government and the NGOs.

Another general complaint of Yarkhunites is unjust distribution of ‘Watan Cards’ and fund of ‘Benazir Support Program’. The deserving people have been deprived while the underserved ones have been benefited. Similarly, the flood affectees are still awaiting aid from the government.

The poor people of Yarkhun are in need of immediate attention of the Federal and Provincial Governments and non government organizations to resolve the above mentioned issues without further waste of time, so that, they could have sufficient provision of food stuff before the snowfall.. --Zubeda Sirang Aseer,  AKU Medical College, Karachi, 23 Nov 2010).



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