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Shandur Polo observations -letter


I humbly express my feelings on some disappointments this year at Shandur. The first one was my inability to convince my employer who didnít give me leave and I couldnít attend the gala but thankfully he provided me with a television set at the office. Yes, one of the the main partyís decision to opt out of Shandur was a factor enough to ignite our resentment. but there was yet another trouble, I am sure; every one might have observed who sat before the TV to enjoy the king of games being played by the kings at Shandur. You did guess correctly. It was the commentary, which deprived us of the echo of our cultural tunes-Dhole-Damama and Surnai. . Needlessly the commentator was repeating the same words excessively, putting all the music resonance into background. The commentator though a pure Chitrali did not use a single word about the players, not even names of the players, except for one or two.
Commentators are supposed to tell the viewers every aspect of the game and necessary information about all players. Remember the recently concluded FIFA World Cup where commentators were giving rare information about the clubs the players are playing with. In this case it was lacking needful information even, names of players scoring goals were not being called out. I hope next time there will be improvement..

Ejaz Ahmed,


20 July 2010


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