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Why punish the donkey? -letter

Newspapers carried photographs of people mistreating donkeys by hanging the names of cheating  cricketers around their neck and parading them. Some people were even beating the donkeys to vent their anger against the cricketers. I think it is not fair. Donkeys are our friends who serve us faithfully and never cheat on us. Why punish them for the unfaithfulness and treachery of human beings in the form of these cricketers in question. -- by Bahader Khan, Chitral 02 Sep 10


Comment 1

Interesting news/letter; but it has been posted in the 'Chitral News /Views'. column. What has this news got to do with Chitral? --Ahmad Zabar, Chitral 04 Sep 10


Comment 2

With ref to the question posed by Ahmad Zabar, I would like to say that the news/letter is very much relevant to Chitral as in Chitral we can find both donkeys and treacherous people.--Asif Ali, Chitral , 04 Sep 10

Comment 3

This is with reference to Mr.Asif's comment., We do have donkeys and treacherous people as else where but what makes us (chitralis) different than others is that we do not punish our donkeys for the wrong doings of the treacherous".--Sohail Saeed, Goldur Chitral , 21 Sept 10


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