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King Abdullah launches Foundation -letter

According to a news report, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has formed a foundation for "Charity and Humanitarian activities". According to the press statement the foundation has been instituted on the Islamic values of mutual support, cooperation and charitable deeds, and aims at welfare of the people and promoting education. This is real good news. The Saudi ruler should have done this long ago but still better late than never. It is hoped that the foundation will focus on underprivileged areas and stress upon the welfare of down trodden human beings more than anything else. A fine example of service to humanity has been set by the Aga Khan Foundation in the northern areas of Pakistan along with other places round the world. It is hoped that the KIng Khalid Foundation will also start it's activities in these areas so that the people benefit from a healthy competition between the two welfare foundations engaged in the service of humanity. Only this way Muslims will progress, go ahead in the world and not fall prey to the doctrines of extremism and terrorism. We wish the new foundation good luck and hope it strides out on the right footing in the challenging journey ahead.--(Muhammad Asif, Chitral, 19 Sept 10)


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