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Flood damage, why is the govt, NGOs silent -letter

The recent rainfalls have caused flash floods, land slides and ever raising level of rivers throughout Chitral district. As a result, many precious lives were lost and infrastructure has been completely devastated. People in the valleys have lost their arable lands, standing crops, fruit orchards, cattle, and residential houses. All valley roads have been washed away leaving the valleys cut off from rest of the district. Consequently, there is a shortage of food and medicines in these valleys, and, if proper aid/food items and medicines are not provided timely, the people in these isolated and mountain valleys are likely to suffer from hunger and diseases.

The local government, as always, has nothing to offer to the victims. The NGOs, particularly FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance Program, has also been very silent. Until now no support (other than a few tents) has been provided by FOCUS in the entire valleys of Garam Chashma, Karimabad and Arkari—the valleys I personally know. Despite the fact that FOCUS core mandate is to provide timely response to an emergency, the leadership and staff have not even bothered to visit these valleys and see the magnitude of the disasters hit these valleys. Poor people have been left alone and helpless in this very critical time. Only God can help these poor people! --Muzameel Ahmed, Garam Chashma,16 Aug  10

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