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Telephone woes in Koh area  -letter

Through your esteemed Online Newspaper I would like to bring in the notice of the higher ups of PTCL that the V Phone service started in Koh Area by the help of the local people has been out of service for more than two months. Despite frequent complaints and reminders to the concerned authorities no action has been taken till now.


It looks that PTCL sold the Phone sets to the subscribers, garbed handsome amount of money from the poverty stricken people of the area and slipped away from the scene. The same practice had been done about ten years ago when PTCL established a small telephone exchange in Koghuzi and charged each subscriber Rs:4000 each for connection which worked very poorly for a few years and then they took their machines away leaving the innocent subscriber looking at them helplessly.

I request the higher ups of PTCL on behalf of all the subscribers in Koh area, Please Please look in to the matter and make the service functional. It is in the best interest of PTCL as well as the subscribers. --Zakir Hussain, Abu Dhabi,16 Sept 10


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