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"What's in a name? -letter

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose,
By any other name would smell as sweet." - Juliet, from 'Romeo and Juliet', by Shakespeare.

Same goes for Musharraf's 'All Pakistan Muslim League', ironically, for even if he names it after the revolutionary political party of the sub continent, it will still comprise of American stooges who will be more than willing to implement the American cum Zionist Israeli agenda in Pakistan, so as to stuff their pockets with dollars.


 We all noticed that he was trying to pave the way with his donations for flood relief and later by his telethon, but his recent comments, in which he supported the US Army's presence in Afghanistan and said that the government should not withdraw the army from there only shows that he is pleasing his friends in order to get all their support and to improve his chances of return. He is playing his cards well.

It is sheer mockery, how Muslim League's name has been used to manipulate the people of Pakistan by different political parties to date. Even if the package says 'New and Improved' , we have seen that the quality of the product has so far remained the same in the case of our so called leaders. But then again, I shall come back to Shakespeare's dialogue; 'What's in a name?'..-- Zeenat Khan, Islamabad, 16 Sept 10


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