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Paradise lost -letter


Not only parents and relatives are grieved on the sudden death of their loved children but all those who heard about these accidents (of the recent past) and more those who knew the children who lost their lives are more grieved and express their deep sorrow on these tragedies. These children were students and lost their lives during studies. The tragic accident that took lives of these children happened in Karachi, Islamabad and in Parwak Chitral :-


1. Mr. Ashfaq Ali from Booni, a brilliant student of Aga Khan Medical College Karachi lost his life during the course of gaining knowledge/education when parents and people of Chitral were waiting for him to serve them as a doctor. This is a national loss. All sympathies are with his mother and father with prayers that almighty God bless them with courage to bear this irreparable loss.

2. Two young daughters of Chitral, one from Shich Yarkhun, daughter of Doulat Khan, an outstanding student of BSc-ii lost her life in a road accident on her way home to meet waiting parents after quite a long time. This unfortunate road accident got the life of one daughter and at the same time was fortunate to save the lives of 13 passengers including 4 Wakhi students of Pamir School & College Booni. As elder brother I advised sad parents that their daughter gave her life saving the lives of the rest 10 students including 4 from Broghel. The other girl from Khuzh studying in F.Sc-I in Islamabad lost her life suddenly due to sickness. She was younger sister of Zulfiqar, Islamabad based young journalist.


Since I have not been able to meet parents of Dr. Ashfaq in Booni, but have to say that all the three lost their precious lives during gaining education and hence are Shaheed. We all should pray to Almighty Allah to award them the status of Shaheed and give patience to parents who no doubt are with painfull hearts, to bear these irreparable losses. Ameen.


Liaquat Ali & Family,

Brep Chitral,

16 June 10.



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