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Reservations of Kalash people -letter

We had organized a tour to Bumburet not only to enjoy the natural scenic and picturesque beauty of the valley but also to collect data for the thesis as a researcher. Our many colleagues of pearl's College Booni had planned to gather pertinent data on topics for M.Ed theses besides enjoyment. We visited the beautiful places of the valley and conducted interviews and record observations.


This tour was  informative about the valley and people. They have a lot of Social, Health, Economic and Educational problems, but one thing I noted and observed from all section of people in the valley was that they have more reservations about the administrative interference in their private lives in recent days.


The gala of Chilum Jusht is approaching and their preparations are in full swing but they seem to be worried about the administrative interference. One educated young individual grudgingly and euphemistically told us that their beliefs and culture allows them to do everything in the valley which the constitution of Pakistan endorses. Universal Human rights declaration of UN provides independence to everyone to act upon their religion, culture and customs. We therefore, have been empowered as minority, to be protected from infringement on our privacy and family life.

Kalash culture is unique and is the attraction for tourists  Pakistan is facing the grave problem of trust deficit. Almost all people are reluctant to come to Pakistan for investment and for Tourism. Chitrali people are very peaceful and simple natured and Kalash valley is a source for Pakistan to attract more and more tourists to Pakistan. Tourism may likely be a source of confidence building measure for Pakistan to attract more tourists to Chitral which in turn brings money to the country.

Such kind of interference on the part of Administration in Kalash valley, no matter for what purpose, appears to limit the only one of its kind Kalash culture. One thing here I would like to mention is that some elements inside Chitral consider Kalash people as social misfits and want to change them.

I hope district government might take the matter on priority basis and probe into the matter that is discrediting both the administration and peaceful Chitralis.

Alhaj Muhammad Khan,
13 May 2010.


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