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Hospital waste causing diseases -letter

This is deplorable that DHQ hospital Chitral burns its waste in open space.  Every week the residents of adjacent village Zargarandeh suffer from smoke and bad smell for at least for 18 hours. Due to this unhygienic practice people are prone to a number of diseases, such as Hepatitis, Cancer, Pulmonary infections and Viral infections


I appeal to Environmental Protection Agency of Pakistan to move Environmental Court against the hospital administration. It is worth mentioning that Aga Khan hospital system has introduced incinerators for safe disposal of hospital waste. Our Government can also replicate the system for the sake of public health and hygiene. --Manzoor Ahmad Advocate, Zargarandeh Chitral, 07 Nov 10.



Strange! Hospitals are supposed to cure diseases, not cause them. --Shafiq, Chitral.


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