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A visit to Bumburet -letter

Last Saturday Dated 30th of October 2010 our school decided to visit Bumburet, Kalash valley. six girls, six boys of class 7th and eight teachers took part in this programme. We had taken with us fruit, sweets, etc. The school staff met at 6 o clock. The sky was clear and blue. It was an ideal day for tour. Our bus reached at Mori Hotel where we took our break fast. After we reached Chitral, we had a glance of Noghour (Fort) and Tirchmir view Hotel. We further saw some beautiful valleys like Ayun and Broze. At last we reached Bumburet. We met the Kalash women and Children and saw the Kalash graveyard. We further visited the fish pool etc. We enjoyed the beauty of nature very much. This beautiful place has a great impact on us. the Kalash valley is a must visiting place. We took pictures of some attractive places there. We had our lunch there in Alexandra Hotel. We returned to Booni. We enjoyed our picnic so much. I will remember this throughout my life. --Sami Ullah, Class 7th Student, Space Era Model School Booni, 07 Nov 10.



A good teacher/student ratio shown here.  I wonder how many students in a class and how many students per teacher in the whole school. --Shafiq, Chitral




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