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Ghost Schools in Chitral -letter

Through the courtsey of your esteemed online service, I would like to draw the attention of Interior Minister Rehman Malik towards the matter of one ghost school and 31 proxy teachers in other schools of our Union Council in Chitral Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The Ghost school is GGPS Sorelaspur UC Laspur District Chitral where two teachers are getting pay for the last 20 months and the school is double locked. More over there are 31 other teachers in 6 other schools, ie. GMS Gasht, GHS Harchin, GGMS Herchin, GMS Balim and GMS Sorelaspur, who get regular, pay in proxy for the last two years. We lodged several complaints with the concerned quarters but to no avail. It is high time that FIA takes stern action against the culprits and brings all those who are responsible to book. --Sardar Mughulbaz Khan, Harchin, Chitral, 04 Dec 2010


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