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Musharraf, please not from Chitral -letter

The recent hasty setting up of APML in Chitral and announcement by his spokesman that Pervez Musharraf would contest National Assembly elections from Chitral has not gone down well with those who have liking for him.

Musharraf no doubt has done great favour to Chitral by pushing through the Lowari Tunnel, Mastuj bridge, Shandur road etc, but these achievements do not justify his contesting elections from Chitral. After all he must be having a home constituency in Pakistan. He should try his luck there and leave the Chitral seat for Chitralis to fight it out amongst themselves.


Chitralis want to get out of the low self esteem and low self worth syndrome where we readily offer our National constituency to any big named outsider who has done something for us.. Those who are inviting him would do well to do some serious rethinking on this matter for a better image and the greater good of Chitral. --Aziz Ahmad, Chitral. 02 Dec 2010.


Comment 1

I donot approve of Musharraf contesting elections from Chitral. Chitralis donot want to harbour any dictator who played with the constitution and created a plethora of problems for Pakistan.


Some political people are trying to give the total credit of Lawari tunnel  to him.  If we look back sincerely and honestly at this famous project, our first hero and pioneer was the honorable Ataliq Jaffar Ali shah (late) who as MNA launched an honest and selfless struggle for this project and whose name will remain engraved in the history of Chitral and in the heart of every Chitralian.


 Secondly, our revolutionary leader ZA Bhutto had taken correct decisions during difficult times. At that time, there were no Talibansm, USSR was a super power and our friend the USA, did not need to send NATO supplies to Afghanistan through Pakistan. Despite such conditions  Bhutto made this remarkable decision purely for the people of Chitral.


Musharraf's men came to Chitral to set up a party but where were they when floods devastated the area and they were needed then. A friend in indeed is a friend in need. --Gul Jee, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, 02 Dec 2010


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