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Supporting the guilty -letter

We are in a strange country among a strange people. Here there is a visible conflict between our words and our deeds. We say something  and act exactly against it. The whole society is so much fragmented that it seems that we no more belong to this land. We have separated worldly matters from our religion and faith.


 Every body thinks that this world is for hypocrisy, embezzlement, lies, and breaking promises etc only for personal gains. While people take religious practices just as rituals or perform them under high social pressure. We are so much away from each other that we are completely ignorant of the people in our very vicinity however, we keep good information of the people thousands of miles away.


Supporting and praising the guiltiest, in our society, has become a norm. Those are our heroes who are the most corrupt. They are thought to be as the bravest and the wisest. The more you take undue risk, for your own personal gain, the more popular and people friendly you are.


The question, why moral, financial or any type of corruption is so prevalent in our society needs to be researched in more depth. However, my own analysis of the situation tell me that we, the societies are to be blamed. We first create fraudulent individuals, groom them and then favor them. In this way the society has reached the verge of annihilation.

In our society schools are the best place of breeding corruption. Consciously or unconsciously we prepare our students mind for more and more corruption. Being an educator I can realize that the prevailing school system provides the most favorable conditions for producing more and more corrupt minds.


A teachers own behavior, his way of talking and attitude gives students a chance to be corrupt. In addition to that, in the examination system student become more and more conscious about the seeds of corruption. After getting high marks through copying and using unfair means they become very grateful and thankful to this corrupt society which makes them Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, Teachers and many more.


 Through corruption people get the most coveted job and also get so called honor and dignity in the society. Societal forces always commend their achievement without looking at the ways and processes through which they traveled. Appreciation and admiration from the societal forces encourage them.


 Ultimately, the result is that in the words of re known scholar and story writer Ashfaq Ahmad, who observed that Pakistani soil is fertile in terms of producing world class scientists, engineers, doctors and teachers but no good human being.

Another episode of corruption takes its roots when a student enters from the course of studies in to the real life. After completing studies a student think that that is the last stage of going corrupt because after that there will be merit and only merit. However pursuing job is the most difficult task in this land of people already filled with the more gurus of corruption.


They serve as the indirect mentor for the novice. After being mentally tortured by the employers the jobless individuals become frustrated and he wants to get job at any cost. So he/she started greasing the palms of the higher concerned and use any unfair to get more desirable and enviable job. After successfully getting through the process he enters a world where there is no concept of fairness. For him honesty and fair means serve as a myth and stuff confined to text. Moreover he/she himself/herself becomes the victim of the system so he/she best avail the opportunity for dreadful revenge. Ultimately he starts corruption.

Societal forces serve as the accelerating agents behind every type of corruption. In one way our society’s tradition and values creates a circle of friends, relatives and favorites, who praise those who are the guiltiest. As an example we can take many cases. Those who perform their duties with honesty are labeled as the most Darpok and buzdil. However those who get high bribes and take illegal action are the bravest and the wisest.

There was another hope that highly educated new generation could have saved this land. However every year hundreds of young Pakistanis university graduate get high profile job after getting through Central Superior Service and many more are ready. But the only aim and objective of the majority is to sustain the status quo. They also live a beaourocratic life and breed more slavish minds and nothing more.

To uproot the prevailing corruption every individual tries his level best. Anti corruption courts and other institutions are in place. In contrast, in the larger societal level no action is taken. To my opinion unless and until the societal forces start condemning and resisting this menace, no organization or institution can bare people from being corrupt. We need awareness of the masses and development of civil society organization. --ZA.Zulfi, Booni, Chitral, 01  Nov 10.



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