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Suffering in silence -letter


The world economy is in turmoil and people everywhere are learning to adjust lifestyles to weather the storm , third world countries are more vulnerable and suffer greater deprivation and this is evident in Pakistan .


The media is having a field day raking up issues but what disappoints me is the fact that no newspaper or TV channel ever highlights the total immunity that our ruling class enjoys from any belt tightening. While traders and shopkeepers have been asked to close shop by 8 pm , there has been no sacrifice that our rulers have made , they still continue to live in Palaces free from bills, while fuel prices are being raised and daily wagers earning 200 rupees have their bus ride becoming costlier, government high-ups are allocating themselves some of the cushiest rides in the auto industry . India next door manufactures Mercs and range Rovers but their President or PM ride their humblest auto the Hindustan 10.


 Today our PM and president live the lifestyle of the Moghuls gone by and have no qualms in adding to the financial burden of people who voted them in. The only answer that i can think of is that nobody questions them. The majority of our people are ignorant of their rights and hence have forfeited them but those of us who are aware must speak up , i believe this is a greater worship of our maker then all the rituals and pilgrimages lumped together . Today fathers are sitting helpless while they watch their children succumb to minor illnesses , mothers weep tears of blood while our PM strutts about in designer suits and sweeps around in an armada of amour plated Mercedes Benzes and he is not an exception , the whole rotten lot including baboos and brass are raking it in while the majority struggle to put together two meals or roof for shelter.


Javed Khan


02 May 10



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