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Chitral, Flood related updates


23 Aug 10 -- Water supply to Chitral town is still severed after 16 days of the floods. People have to fetch drinking water from far away. One person Munir s/o Haji Mohyiuddin of Goldur was killed by a falling stone while busy fetching drinking water from Nerdet Gol. Roads to Garam Chashma valleys remain cut off. Meanwhile Byar Local Support program in its meeting at Booni chalked out disaster management strategy in the wake of glacial burst in Booni. In Chitral town and places where there are utility stores, they are empty showing failure to provide commodities to consumers when needed most. On the other hand private shopkeepers have started getting food items via Bajaur although they are charging exhorbitantly for the diverted route.--(CN report)

20 Aug 10 -- C130 Aircraft made 3 sorties on Friday along with military helicopter buzzing to and fro with relief goods for Chitral. Meanwhile stomach virus problems have erupted in Chitral town due to absence of the regular drinking water which has been severed since last  two weeks and people are forced to drink muddy water from the stream or go to fetch clean drinking  water from 5 kilometers away, which most can't afford. Electricity problem in Chitral town persists as usual. The Shishi power house in Drosh which had been closed down was quickly put back to work, when protesters at an angry rally threatened to burn the powerhouse down along with the staff inside.--(CN report, GH Farooqi)

19 Aug 10 -- Aftermath of the recent floods in almost all parts of Chitral continues to pain the helpless people. Where feeble efforts are going on to repair roads etc, life is far from returning to normal. Military helicopters airlifted essential supplies to Lotkooh tehsil areas which have bee severely affected. Two C130 sorties arrived with relief goods sent by Corps Commander Peshawar today Thursday. A third sortie is also planned for the same purpose. Meanwhile the water supply to Chitral town remains cut off from source at Angarghhoon and efforts to repair the pipeline have not borne fruit . Electricity as usual is off the grid for the residents of Chitral town. --(CN report, GH Farooqi)

13 Aug 10 --  Water supply breakdown continues to haunt the residents of Chitral for the sixth day . Meanwhile non availability of Ghee (cooking oil), Four and sugar in the whole district is an other headache for the  people. People alleged that local hoarders have concealed these things only to sell it on a high rate because main Chitral road is blocked and local dealers are trying to carry some goods via Bajawar but they will sell these hidden things on a high rate.. A large number of people were deprived of food on the first day of Ramzan. While Ghee, Sugar and Flour also not available in all Utility Stores of Chitral.--(GH Farooqi)

11 Aug 2010  -- Although no news of any new flooding has been received but the bruises inflicted by the already passed floods continue to pain the people. Water supply to Chitral town remains severed despite efforts to repair the pipeline. All roads continue being in the cut off state. Booni girls college bridge has been washed away and boundary wall of the college damaged. Link with down country remains severed at Chakdarara where the bridge is not yet repaired. Flights are also being cancelled due to bad weather. Power breakdown continues to scoff at the citizens who are waiting for Allah to come to their rescue.--(CN report)

10 Aug 2010  -- Floods and impending flood threats continue to pin down Chitralis to the edge of survival. Water supply  to the town is cut off since last three days and people are seen fighting at whatever places there seems to be sign of potable water. The Angarghhoon water supply pipe line has not been restored yet. Scouts, border police, etc are working on the site to restore the water supply as soon as possible because every one rich or poor, officer or labourer is equally feeling the pinch of absence of water and that is probably one good reason that every one is after restoring the water supply at the earliest.

Chitral river is flowing down upto its brim.. Floods in Zait and Shogram rivers have washed away the road cutting off link to Mastuj subdivision with Chitral. Power supply from Reshun hydel station to the upper parts is also severed. Roads to Bumburet Madaklasht and all sub valleys remains cut off.  Food stuff in the Chitral and other bazaars is running out and a pal of gloom and fear persists on the faces of all and sundry. The district administration seems to be hardly effective and every thing is being declared as act of God with hands up.. No body from the government is ready to admit their failure in preparing for such eventualities and the absence of an effective crisis management plan. Booni specially is under constant threat as repeated floods have devastated the locals psychologically. --(CN report)


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