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Emotionalism should take a back seat
Editorial - 12 Dec 2010

One major problem that ails the Muslims today is that they are too emotional. Leaping to aggression on matters that can be tackled calmly and coolly is a characteristic phenomenon of Muslims world over particularly in South Asia.. The month of Muharram has begun. The whole Muslim world condemns the atrocities meted out to the grand sons of the Holy Prophet and their families by 'Yazid' a name which has become a symbol of cruelty and detested by all Muslims alike.

The Shia sect, second largest amongst the Muslim sects, observes Muharram in a most emotional way when it comes to taking out charged public processions. This practice of taking out prolonged and highly charged mourning processions offers the enemies of Islam and the country a good opportunity to incite engineered people from the other sects to create disturbances in the processions and even commit acts of terror on a ripe target. like a daylong wailing procession.

Maybe in the days bygone, taking out processions was a safe and normal affair but in today's world when population is out of control and subversive mentality and methods are most refined, the decision to take out religious processions including Muharram processions should be revisited. After all, the best way to pay compliments to Hazrat Imam Hussain is to follow his principles in daily life i.e. stand up for truth and not bow down in the face of fear or temptation in our worldly affairs ..Are we doing that ? .


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