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Chitral Needs a Citizens Committee

I would like to facilitate the formation of a Citizens Committee to act as a voice for our people to tackle and solve a multiple of common issues that are piling up at the door step of each one of us. If we continue to do nothing about them it can disturb our peace and bring further misery to our population, especially those that are most vulnerable.

No system has been put in place after the dissolution of the local system government system . There is a vacuum. There is a void. To make matters worse our elected representatives at all levels have become extremely in accessible to us. There is an all-round deterioration in all public utilities and there is no where that the public can go to voice their grievances.


What I am hoping to put together is a group of non-political people representing different walks of life (preferably from different tehsils) residing in Chitral town who are willing to give their time and energy for our beloved Chitral and its wonderful people. I foresee that such a committee will be essential in the days ahead when, because of the country-wide destruction caused by floods, there will be plenty of reason for public departments not to perform. There will also be an overall slowdown in the national economy and isolated places in poorer provinces are going to feel the pinch most.

People from around the world who have enjoyed being in Chitral, and have grown fond of us are offering us help. Many of them are personal friends of mine who I have known since many years. I would prefer that
the citizens committee I am proposing will become a good conduit to channel such help to the people who need it most.

Please write and send me your name if you are interested to become one such volunteer. Once I have received the names, and had them sorted out, I am going to call a conference of all the political parties of
Chitral to endorse the final selection to form our citizens committee. I will then get it endorsed by the DCO and finally by the Provincial government to give it some legal and official status. If you are interested please write and give me the following information about yourself:

Father's name
Address in Chitral town
Name of village and Tehsil
Present Profession
Past Profession
Email address
Mobile ph number


Siraj Ul Mulk,

Hindukush Heights Chitral
Ph ++92-943-413151 and 413152
Fax ++ 92-943-413153

Dated,18 Sept 10


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