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Hypocrisy in the 'land of the pure'

I would like to forward congratulation to all Pakistanis ...on the independence day of Pakistan.
Chaudhry Rehmat Ali has coined the acronym (Pakistan) literally translates as “land of pure”  but it has been made a country of double standards.

The gift of our great leader Quaid-e-Azam and his envisioned country has inappropriately been premeditated turning the true praying niche which he had aspired for. The unfortunate demise of Quaid developed more problems from that of existing ones to the formative years of country. The successor and close associate of Quaid, Liaquat Ali khan was assassinated before streamlining and making long-lasting constitution for the country.

The first dualism in Pakistan’s political system was introduced being neither on Islamic nor western democratic style but a mixed system, putting aside the vision of the Quaid- e- Azam.

Pakistan has had five constitutions in its brief history: one inherited at independence (Govt of India Act 1935) and four indigenous creations 1956, 1962, 1972, and 1973 did not satisfy the peoples of Pakistan. Ideally, constitution is a frame work of government’s intentions; its structural arrangements, functional powers and it establishes limits to political authority but our system purported all in theory but not in practice. Both political and military leadership quadrupled problems in the way of political, social and economic development and even accelerated different programs of political, social and economic nature for self power aggrandizement. Ultimate result of these policies is a double edged sword for a common man.

Our system can clearly be demarcated as one for ordinary lot of people and second one is for the elite classes. There is political system in Pakistan which protects and perpetuates feudalism and their interests. Our political and even military leadership has been claiming democracy but it can easily be noticed in leadership, party, cadres and their policies which are more leaned towards autocratic, hereditary and dualistic system. There is also a one legal system for the whole country but its nature of application is different on haves and have- nots.

For our pure country an economic system has been designed which is unchecked from the beginning particularly since military regime of Ayub Khan. This system paves way for rich to become further richer and poor being poorer. Haves technically exempt themselves from the burden of taxes and impose and collect this money from the meager income of a man in the street. Haves are having access to this money to disburse it in the guise of development.

There is separate Health care system in Pakistan for two classes. One is treated in shabbier centre and the other is glaringly different health care complex where all the specialists and health facilities would have been available within a single room. We notice basic provisions of social services for elites with a high standard of quality.

One of the bedrock of development is education which is also based on class system in Pakistan. Middle lower and lower class goes either in Urdu medium government schools or Madrassah while for upper class, separate educational system of English medium has been designed in Pakistan. This class based dualistic educational system ultimately perpetuates class system where one holds positions of civil and military bureaucracy while other is employed for clerical positions of the country. The educational system of Plato’s version in his ideal state seems to be still in vogue in Pakistan where reason, heart and belly had separate standing and demarcations.

Ordinary Pakistani citizen is without water supply, sanitation, public transport, roads, paved streets, street lights, parks or play grounds, libraries and where some of these services are available their standard will be low. When these people raise these issues none is there to listen though government is responsible providing them these services.

All the violent expression of color, creed, caste and sect are functional in Pakistan on one hand and dual political, social, economic and educational policy on the other. These elements are even used for personal or party interests.

We now should courage to accept reality that our country is a land of pure. We therefore must root out injustice, inequality, corruption, (material and intellectual) bribery, nepotism, favoritism etc and also withstand hyperbolic promises. Unless and until we stand committed to change this rampant dualistic social order in Pakistan, can’t make everlasting progress in practice.


Our legislature is responsible to legislate and executive should shoulder to execute it to reorder this unjust system. Today we all must have to decide to take a positive step in order to implement the constitution with letter and spirit with full realization of rights and duties and bring just and equal system coupled with rule of law for all irrespective of creed, color, caste and religion sooner rather than later. To do it all we should be united today because “united they stand but divided they fall”--Alhaj Muhammad Khan, Charun., 14 Aug  10


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