Two years after inauguration Lowari tunnel still in soft operation phase

23 Apr, 2019

Chitral: Almost two years after inauguration by the then Prime minister (who in his innaugural address said “travelers can now use the Lowari tunnel unhindered”), the tunnel is still in the ‘soft operation’ phase, which means the tunnel is being denied to travelers at the prime hours of the day when most vehicles reach the venue.

A notification on the Deputy Commissioner Lower Chitral’s official  facebook page reads:

Deputy Commissioner Chitral


NHA SOP for Soft Operation of Lawari tunnel 👇. Please note the timings to avoid any inconvenience.
This closure of the tunnel in hips and hops during the peak travelling time is not only inconvenient to Chitralis (who unfortunately are used to such treatment), but it is a great setback to tourism as the tourists are disgusted at seeing the the tunnel closed in the middle of the day when they approach the tunnel tired and fagged. Insult is added to their injury when they see nothing happening inside to justify it’s closure..  .. CN report, 23 Apr 2019

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