Is a Rival Needed for Making Progress ?

25 Jan, 2019

.. by Prof R.K Baig

The famous German statesman, Bismark, had said that one needs  a rival to compete with and make progress  otherwise  create one  to compete with so that you will think about your future and  the gene of competition will awaken  in you that will motivate you to compete and thereby – sense of competition-  excel others in  material development. The same idea is the remedy for the future of Pakistan  but we have already inherited a rival ( a God sent gift but unfelt by us till now) in the shape of India  (as a neighbor but an enemy) and  that animosity  has contributed positively  to a number of measures taken by our leadership in the past based on that anti Pakistan campaign of India,  such as our Nuclear capability that emanated from that enmity.

That Pakistan was brought into being despite the cut throat opposition of Indian National Congress and all her leadership from Gandhi in the past to Modi  at present  i.e. the Hindu opposition to the creation of Pakistan. The more the Hindus pressed against the new demand of their Muslim countrymen the  more the Muslims were activated and got united for a separate home land with ever increasing determination.   The situation created by the Hindu Press of that time against the creation of a pure Muslim home land as demanded in the Pakistan Resolution on March 23, 1940,  for the Muslims of the sub continent, made the IDEA of Pakistan more wide spread, popular,  debatable,  free and good publicity of  the name of PAKISTAN and that less known was made well known to all and sundry, all this contribution was made unwittingly by the Hindu Press free of cost,  as it was not realized that  the opposition will create an equal reaction in the Muslim community but it did pave the path for the creation of a Muslim nation out of the Muslim population of the sub-continent and this opposition of the Hindu Press made the things easier than it was foreseen by the Muslim League leadership and the  reaction of the poorer section of the Muslim  population of the sub-continent  became united more than ever and a great unity became noticeable and seen in the elections held in 1945, on the eleventh hour, for the demand of their own home land in south Asia  by the Muslim community. It was a good fortune and  was  wisely availed of by the Muslim League leadership that led to the creation of Pakistan.

In the present scenario the  anti- Pakistan policy of India is also an opportunity though it is regarded a challenge ( in fact  all challenges are opportunities) and it will make us motivated to compete with our neighbor or neighbours,  on every front  and thereby advance in various fields  of Technology. The presence of Hindu militants and anti Muslim Hindu groups with different denominations inside India  who harass Muslims all over India repeatedly , is also a challenge and will  help our unity. For us unity is strength and this anti- Pakistan official   policy of India added by extremist Hindu groups will create more sense of patriotism and pave the way for us and awaken our consciousness  as an independent nation to compete with any nation neighbor or otherwise but  it will help us  and goad us towards greater unity than ever. Let the Hindu militants play their role as usual and show their dark designs, ill will as well as  animosity but it will awaken our sense of responsibility and patriotism and will make us move forward on the modern road of technology- an asset that we need badly.  The anti-Pakistan policy of India is to be regarded as an asset for our future and taken positively.  .. Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig, Chitral 25 Jan 2019.