Poor Management, Lack of Coordination, Reason for Power Breakdown in Chitral

24 Jan, 2019

Chitral: Chitral town and areas served by the 107 Mw Golen power station are without electricity for the last three days. Despite there being no fault in the power house poor management and lack of coordination between the power house staff and and the Judi lasht grid station staff has put the residents in trouble when severe weather and heavy snowfall has already minimised live in the area.

When journalists inquired about the reason the staff at the Golen power house and the Judilasht grid station put the blame on each other with no one ready to take the responsibility and no one to ask them about their failure to provide a crucial service to the people who are already under pressure from the weather side. .. Muhkamuddin, Chitral 24 Jan 2019

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  • Muhammad Nawaz says:

    These days Helicopters can easily be hired or requested from the AKF or Army to reach the spot with technicians and repair the fault, but that will not be done and snow melting on the mountain will be awaited. This is because Chitralis are not considered citizens with equal rights. Thanks to our leaders.