Lowari Tunnel to remain closed for 16 hours every day

18 Jan, 2018

Chitral : According to a new schedule released by the NHA, the lowari tunnel would be open for only eight hours a day in two shifts of 4 hours each, while for the rest sixteen hours it would remain closed for all kind of traffic. It has been called ‘winter schedule’.

This makes the Lowari Tunnel a unique tunnel in the world which has a ‘schedule of operation’. If the excuse is of it not being completed, then that makes it yet more unique, as a tunnel being incomplete even after seven months of it’s inauguration by a Prime Minister of the country.

.. CN report, 18 Jan 2018


  • Karamat says:

    Including 15 August in winter schedule shows how much these people are serious about Lowari tunnel. I am sure the person who prepared this schedule sitting in Islamabad has never even visited the tunnel except maybe for a few hours at the time when the prime minister was inaugurating it.

  • Ashraf uddin says:

    یہ دنیا کا واحد ٹنل ہے جو دن میں صرف آٹھ گھنٹے کھلتا ہے اور وہ بھی ٹکڑوں میں . شائد چترالیوں کی حیثیت دیکھ کر ٹنل کو بھی انکی حیثیت کے مطابق مہیا کیا گیا ہے .