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Imran and I can bring change in Pakistan: Musharraf

4 May, 2017

Former President of Pakistan and All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) chairman General (r ) Pervaiz Musharraf has predicted that alliance of his party and PTI can bring about change in Pakistan.

While addressing a ceremony, the former president said “My party and Imran Khan’s party has the capability to bring due change in the country.”

He further mentioned that he agrees the stance of Imran Khan. “For national interest, I can be ally of PTI chairman and his party,” said Musharraf.

Furthermore, he rejected the final decision of Panama case. “Cannot give return date to Pakistan yet,” he added.

General (r ) Musharraf is in self exile since he left Pakistan to get treatment for his back issues since last year.

Published in ‘The Nation’ 02 May 2017


  • Abdullah says:

    During his decade long rule every party was Musharraf’s party including the army and the mullahs. Even then he failed. He gave us an NRO and made bargains with corrupt politicians and officials instead of punishing them. He engineered to bring up a government of clerics in KPK all for personal motives of prolonging his rule. He gifted us both the US, the taliban and suicide bombing culture at the same time.
    He blew up into thin air the billions of dollars received from US as mercenarial wages for war on terror. He gave us a superficial casino economy with the help of his Sancho Panza Shaukat Aziz who disappeared soon after along with his economy. Musharraf wasted a golden chance of nine years God had given to Pakistan to mend itself.

  • Hamid shan says:

    Is he back or did he give this statement from dubai?

  • Gul Ali Khan says:

    Wish he could bring the change he is talking about, during his nine years of absolute authority.

  • Sher Panah says:

    Great personality, Musharraf zindabad