Collective ‘Qurbani’ culture is need of the day

15 Sep, 2016

Chitral — As Eid ul Azha¬† or Eid e Qurban (festival of sacrifice) draws near, thousands and thousands of sheep, goats, cows, bulls, camels etc are being bought by Muslims for the purpose of slaughtering them on Eid day in accordance with the obligatory ritual for all muslims who can afford to buy the animal for the purpose.
There are two ways of performing the ritual, first, each earning person slaughters a smaller animal like a goat or sheep or a number of people pool in and sacrifice a bigger animal like a cow, bull, buffalo or camel. The later appears a more practical and viable option in present day scenario.
Every locality should contribute to buy a large bull or camel and feed it for a month collectively and sacrifice it on Eid day. This way the ritual obligation would be fulfilled, while less animals would be slaughtered. As Muslims, we are obliged to perform rituals which are mandatory but doing so in a more practical and permissible manner is what needs to be looked into and encouraged. — CN viewpoint, 03 Sep 2016.