Urdu News اردو خبریں


  1. Sad news of passing away of Subedar (R) Jalalud Din of Chuinj spread over in Chitral like a jungle fire. A large number of friends phoned and sent condolence messages. Subedar Jalalud Din enjoyed long overflowing life with family, friends 7 relatives in the District. I met him 2 weeks before and found him sitting in front of his room. Hearing my salam he understood my voice, greeted and welcomed me and found him very much happy and talking like that of earlier days. He enjoyed a very much healthy life and received all the required care and treatment at home. We always found him well dressed, sweet smelling, polite, kindest and full of history of Mastuj and Chitral. Now he is no more with us. We all pray to Almighty Allah to grant eternal peace to the departed soul and patience to his lovely family including sons, daughters & grand sons and daughters friends and relatives Ameen.

  2. So Mr. Inayat ullah faizi is supporting law of the jungle. According to him, Basically all non Muslims , or at least those non muslims who preach their religion should be hanged. At the same time, these Muslim preachers are proudly preachig Islam in non Muslim majority countries without any danger or threat to their lives. I do not see much difference between his views and views of taliban. They believe in spreading religion through force and violence.