Chitral News Briefs

Mehtar fêtes notables, officials at Iftar: Mehtar Fateh ul Mulk Ali nasir hosted an Iftar party for notables of various sections of society, govt officials and politicians. DC and DPO were amongst the senior officials present .. GH Farooqi, 23 Jun 2017
Plaza construction abreast Shahi Masjid halted: On the directives of the Archaeological department KP, an under construction plaza adjacent to the Shahi Masjid Chitral has be halted by the district administration. The proposed plaza would tarnish the beauty and standing of the historical mosque built in 1924 by the then Mehtar HH Sir Shuja Ul Mulk and stands as an important archaeological asset, the report said. .. CN report, 23 Jun 2017
Sultan Mehmood appointed Gen Secy APML Chitral: According to a notification of APML high command, Sultan Mehmood has been appointed as the Distt Gen Secy. Hailing from Garm Chashma Sultan Mehmood is known as a popular and efficient social and political worker. Benazir Bhutto entrusted him with huge discretionary fund due to his capability. He has served in senior positions in NGOs and has vast interaction with the people. He is also a prolific orator which is an important quality for a politician. Talking to CN he pledged to work honestly for strengthening APML in Chitral .. CN report, 20 Jun 2017
Eid ul Fitr on 26 June: According to the Met department of Pakistan, Eid moon will be clearly visible on 25 June after sunset and Eidul Fitr 2017 is most likely to fall on Sunday 26 June .. CN report, 18 June 2017
Ex DC accused of funds misappropriation: According to a joint audit report of SAFRON and interior ministry of KP, a former DC Chitral Aminul Haq has been accused of misappropriation in hiring/firing of levies personal during his tenure in 2013 causing a loss of 70 million rupees to the exchequer.. CN monitoring, 17 Jun 2017
Bail plea of accused in 21 April incident accepted: Bail plea of 22 persons arrested on 21 April this year on charges of arson after the blasphemy incident in Chitral was accepted by the local court here. .. Muhkamuddin, 16 June 2017
Citizens demand clearance of NBP debris: Citizens have demanded the clearance of National Bank of Pakistan debris located at the Ataliq chowk which was demolished five years ago for construction of the byepass road but the semi demolished structure still remains presenting a very ugly picture .. Muhkamuddin, 15 Jun 2017

Chitrali appointed CEO of a Multinational company: Naveed Zameer Yasir, a chartered Accountant, son of Late Col Lal Zameer of Ashret Chitral has been promoted CEO of a Multinational Finance company (Apex finance company) based in Dubai. .. BH Azad, 06 Jun 2017
Coaster accident on Lowari, ten die, twelve injured: A coaster plying from Rawalpindi to Chitral met an accident at Gujar parhao lowari pass. Ten persons are reported dead and twelve injured as per initial reports. .. CN report, 30 Apr 2017.
Lowari pass road opens: The Lowari pass road was declared open by NHA and the tunnel usage suspended accordingly as as per a notification of the NHA .. CN report, 12 Apr 2017.
Kalash and Sikh to be registered as individual religions : According to a ruling by the Peshawar high court Kalash belief shall be registered as a separate religion in the forthcoming census. Similarly the Sikh faith is also be individually registered. Earlier these two religions were bracketed in the Miscellaneous category. .. CN report, 04 Apr 2017
Large amount of Naswar consumed in Chitral: According to a survey (unofficial) about 300  maunds of Naswar (snuff) is consumed in Chitral town every day. This consumption figure is only second to Dir Bala town where the consumption is 25 percent higher says the source. Many petty naswar sellers from down districts who came to Chitral to do naswar business are now millionaires. Similarly, cigarettes of all brands worth many lac rupees are consumed in Chitral town every day .. CN report, 31 may 2017
Dr Bukhari appointed Director Chitral University: Dr Badshah Munir Bukhari has been appointed director of the newly established Chitral University, according to an official press release. .. CN report, 31 Mar 2017
Lowari pass road opens for small vehicles: Lowari top road has been opened for small vehicles it was unofficially learnt here. Official announcement is yet to be made .. BH Azad, 27 Mar 2017
Sajidullah elected District Bar President: Sajidullah Advocate was elected President District Bar for the year after he beat Niaz A Niazi Advocate by 26 votes to 22. Both the victor and the runner up belong to PML(N)
Similarly Intezar Ali Khan Advocate was elected president of the Booni Bar Association and Imtiaz Jan Advocate was elected president Drosh Bar Association…. CN report, 25 Mar 2017
Bureaucrats promoted/posted in Chitral:
Abdul Akram has been posted as Assistant Commissioner Chitral, while Mazhar Ali Shah has been posted as District Monitoring Officer in IPU Chitral. Both officials have moved on to senior positions from their incumbent slots. . .. CN report, 16 Mar 2017
Golen mini electric power reaches grid station: After a long delay on one pretext or the other, the completed 2 mw pwer station has started to supply power to the judilasht grid station. It is expected that soon the facility would be available to the consumers of Chitral town.-– CN report, 04 Mar 2017