Chitral News Briefs

Coaster accident on Lowari, ten die, twelve injured: A coaster plying from Rawalpindi to Chitral met an accident at Gujar parhao lowari pass. Ten persons are reported dead and twelve injured as per initial reports. .. CN report, 30 Apr 2017.
Lowari pass road opens: The Lowari pass road was declared open by NHA and the tunnel usage suspended accordingly as as per a notification of the NHA .. CN report, 12 Apr 2017.
Kalash and Sikh to be registered as individual religions : According to a ruling by the Peshawar high court Kalash belief shall be registered as a separate religion in the forthcoming census. Similarly the Sikh faith is also be individually registered. Earlier these two religions were bracketed in the Miscellaneous category. .. CN report, 04 Apr 2017
Large amount of Naswar consumed in Chitral: According to a survey (unofficial) about 300  maunds of Naswar (snuff) is consumed in Chitral town every day. This consumption figure is only second to Dir Bala town where the consumption is 25 percent higher says the source. Many petty naswar sellers from down districts who came to Chitral to do naswar business are now millionaires. Similarly, cigarettes of all brands worth many lac rupees are consumed in Chitral town every day .. CN report, 31 may 2017
Dr Bukhari appointed Director Chitral University: Dr Badshah Munir Bukhari has been appointed director of the newly established Chitral University, according to an official press release. .. CN report, 31 Mar 2017
Lowari pass road opens for small vehicles: Lowari top road has been opened for small vehicles it was unofficially learnt here. Official announcement is yet to be made .. BH Azad, 27 Mar 2017
Sajidullah elected District Bar President: Sajidullah Advocate was elected President District Bar for the year after he beat Niaz A Niazi Advocate by 26 votes to 22. Both the victor and the runner up belong to PML(N)
Similarly Intezar Ali Khan Advocate was elected president of the Booni Bar Association and Imtiaz Jan Advocate was elected president Drosh Bar Association…. CN report, 25 Mar 2017
Bureaucrats promoted/posted in Chitral:
Abdul Akram has been posted as Assistant Commissioner Chitral, while Mazhar Ali Shah has been posted as District Monitoring Officer in IPU Chitral. Both officials have moved on to senior positions from their incumbent slots. . .. CN report, 16 Mar 2017
Golen mini electric power reaches grid station: After a long delay on one pretext or the other, the completed 2 mw pwer station has started to supply power to the judilasht grid station. It is expected that soon the facility would be available to the consumers of Chitral town.-– CN report, 04 Mar 2017
Seven die as Snow slide hits SAMBU workshop: Seven persons dies after snow slide fell on the auto maintenance workshop of SAMBU company which is making the Lowari tunnel — details in Urdu
Seminar on Chitral’s role in CPEC to be held: A seminar on ‘Chitral’s role in CPEC’ would be held next month in Chitral to sensitise the stakeholders in the hydropower generation. This was stated by MNA Shahzada Iftikharuddin  — CN report, 19 Feb 2017
Hayat Shah appointed AC Mastuj: Muhammad Hayat Shah, a PMS officer belonging to Chitral has been appointed Assistant Commissioner Mastuj. This was disclosed in a facebook update by acting AC Booni. — CN report, 10 Feb 2017
Tunnel to be available on Friday 10 Feb: Over risding an earlier ntification of tunnel opening on Wednesday 08 Feb, an ew notification from NHA says Tunnel will now be available on Friday 10 Feb, due to fresh snow slide  .. CN report, 07 Feb 2018.
Abdul Latif appointed president PTI Chitral: Abdul Latif, Member District Council and former president PTI has been appointed president PTI Chitral district according to a notification by the party regional president. — CN report, 03 Feb 2017.
Mazhar Ali Shah appointed Actg AC Mastuj: Syed Mazhar Ali Shah sitting AAC (revenue) Chitral has been appointed as AC Mastuj till further orders, according to a notification by DC Chitral. — CN report, 03 Feb 2017
Golen electricity starts winking at Chitral town: The much awaited and much dramatised electricity supply from Golen mini power plant has started its debut in Chitral town since last night to the glee of the townites. However the power is an on and off exercise so far reminding Chitralis that they are not out of misery as yet. — CN report, 29 Jan 2017
Golen electricity to reach town by 10 Feb: Two Mw Electricity from Golen mini hydropower plant will reach town for users by 10 Feb it was reliably learnt. The power plant has started producing electricity but sorting out distribution process and connecting it to Judilasht grid station is yet to be done. — CN report, 25 Jan 2017
Fire damages equipment in Children hospital: Fire damaged the electricity generator and X-ray machine in the operation theater of the DHQ Children hospital Chitral. However the fire was put out by the fire tenders before gutting the building. — BH Azad, 24 Jan 2017
Fire guts shops in Ayun bazar: Seven shops were gutted and loss of Rs four million was reported when a bakery in Ayun Bazar caught fire due to short circuit and engulfed nearby shops putting down seven shops before the local people and policemen put out the fire with buckets.— CN report, 23 Jan 2017.
Mir Gulab Shah of Reshun has passed away: Mir Gulab Shah of Reshun has passed away at age 76. He was father of Dr Shahzad Hussain, Salahuddin, Mir Subhan and father-in-law of Dr Qayyum and Israr Ahmed. — CN report, 21 Jan 2017
‘All Parties’ threaten Long March on non implementation of new tunnel schedule: An All parties meeting chaired by JI Ameer Molana Jamshed and including PMLN president Saeed Ahmad and others threatened to launch a long march protest if the twice a week tunnel opening schedule announced by Ameer Muqam is not implemented immediately. — CN report, 11 Jan 2017
Former MNA speaks for Chitralis on tunnel problem: Former MNA Abdul Akbar Chitrali held a press conference in Peshawar demanding two days a week opening of tunnel instead of the present one day per week. He is the only one amongst the sitting or ex parliamentarians to have spoken on the lowari tunnel schedule crisis. — CN report, 08 Jan 2017
Three bridges to be built with Japanese Aid: Three steel bridges will be buit at Orghoch, Gankorini Singoor and Nishkoo with the help of the Japanese Government aid. This was stated by the District Nazim’s office — BH Azad, 05 Jan 2017
Press club cabinet retained for next year: The Chitral Press Club cabinet under the presidentship of Zahiruddin has been retained for next year without any formal elections — BH Azad, 31 Dec 2016
Encroachment in Chitral bazar restarts: Some shopkeepers have again started encroaching upon the space in front of their shops after the death of Deputy Commissioner Osama Warraich who had cleared the encroachments with an iron hand. — Muhkamuddin, 30 Dec 2017.
PTI workers meet, demand organisation: PTI workers met at the residence of senior leader Rehmat Ghazi. The workers demanded the announcement of office bearers of the party at district level and vowed to make PTI indomitable for the next general elections. Those who spoke included, Rehmat Ghazi, Abdul Latif, Muhammad Yaqub, Allaudin Urfi, Abdul Majid, and others.— BH Azad, 27 Dec 2016.
Abducted new born baby recovered: Two women have been taken into custody on charges of abducting a new born baby from District Childrens hospital Chitral. The baby has been recovered from them. .. GH Farooqi, 27 Dec 2016
Unusual dry weather scares Chitralis: The spate of dry weather prevailing all over the country has now started scaring Chitralis, who fear absence of snowfall would mean a summer devoid of greenery on the hills and natural water springs. Prayers for rainfall have been going on for quite sometime without any result so far…CN report, 26 Dec 2016
Chitral’s Christian community celebrates Christmas: Chitral’s small minority Christian community, mostly sanitary workers located around the scouts establishment in Chitral town, observed Christmas by observing religious rituals and offering prayers for the solidarity and stability of the country. — BH Azad,, 2016
Chitrali girls perform well in 2016: Chitrali girls excelled in different extracurricular activities in 2016. Those prominent were Madiha Qazi of Ayun (debating), Atika of Chitral (debating) Shehnila of Mastuj (tilawat), safia of brenis (naat),. Also performing well were schools of Shiaqotek and Drosh in Milli naghma category. .. BH Azad, 24 Dec 2016
Golen mini power only for town: Members of power cozmittee under chairman Hayatullah Khan after a meeting said the 2 MW Golen mini power project will only power the Chitral town as was originally envisaged. They said no mischief in this respect by any other area people will not be tolerated .. Muhkamuddin,23 Dec 2016.
JI protests in favour of Burmese Muslims: Jamat Islami Chitral under Amir Molana Jamshed hed a protest meeting at PIA chowk Chitral in support of Rohinya Muslims of Mayanmar, whom they said were being bruitalised and except for Malaysia and Turkey no Muslim country was speaking for them .. Muhkamuddin, 23 Dec 2016
Shahab Hamid Yousafzai new DC Chitral: The provincial govt has appointed Shahab Hamid Yousafzai as the new Deputy Commissioner Chitral in place of late Osama Ahmad Warraich who died in an air crash recently. He is presently posted as ADC Buner .. CN report, 22 Dec 2016.

Two more Utility stores opened in district: Two more utility stores were opened at Bumburet and Kuragh, while another two would be opened at Shoghore and Madak next month. The opening ceremony was presided over by MNA Shahzada Iftikharuddin. — GH Farooqi, 20 Dec 2016.
ADC Abdul Ghaffar to act as DC Chitral: Additional Deputy Commissioner Abdul Ghaffar Khan has been appointed by the provincial govt to look after the portfolio of DC Chitral till further orders. The slot fell vacant after the demise of sitting DC Osama Ahmad Warraich in the recent plane crash.— BH Azad, 20 Dec 2016
Malik Riaz to help crash affected Hasina Gul:  Malik Riaz of Behria town has announced to provide a 10 Marla house to Hasina Gul a 14 year old who was left behind after her complete family of six perished in the ATR crash. He also pledged to help the child with her financial requirements — BH Azad, 19 Dec 2016
All crash victims bodies reach Chitral:  The 10 day torturous wait for kith and kin of victims of the PIA crash culminated in the bodies reaching Chitral and being laid to rest in ancestral areas. Amongst those laid to rest included the collective burial of six members of a family of Garam Chashma — 18 Dec 2016
PIA grounds ATRs for airworthiness check: On instructions from the CAA, the PIA has grounded it’s all ten ATR aircraft for a thorough checking. This is because of the PK661 crash and an ATR catching fire on takeoff in Multan.— CN report,11 Dec 2016
Lowari pass road opened:
Lowari pass road was reopened for vehicular traffic Friday night 2400 hrs on the special instruction of GOC Swat Maj Gen Fazal Ghafoor— CN report, 11 Dec 2016
Obituary, Dr Salahuddin passes away: Dr Shahzada Salahuddin of Jinjiret Koh passed away in Peshawar. He was suffering from Kidney ailment. He was acting Manager AKHSP Chitral. He was the son of Begum Shahzada Suleman and brother of ex NA candidate Shahzada Muhaiuddin.— CN report, 11 Dec 2016


  1. Ref ‘Encroachments in Chitral bazar restarts’, it is unfortunate that our policies depend upon personalities instead of a system. After the untimely demise of an efficient Deputy Commissioner Osama Waraich, his policy regarding encroachment is being disregarded. Unless system becomes stronger than individuals, we will suffer similar setbacks.

  2. Ref encroachment news, the encroachment issue is very common almost in every city of the country. Chitral is a small city as such the Town Committee is responsible to curb the vicious trend of encroachment in the city in terms of maintaining traffic flow in order as well as beautification of the city. At this stage, we remember the late Osama Ahmad Waraich, former D.C Chitral who played a vital role to keep the city clear and clean from encroachments during the entire period of his tenure. At the moment, we once again, pray Almighty Allah to bless his soul in eternal peace.

  3. Reference to the good news ” Three bridges to be built in Chitral with Japanese aid”, All the three bridges at Gankorini/ Singoor, Orghoch and Nishkooh are located at very important points of the district. The Gankorini bridge which located near the starting point of airport runway particularly will play important role to link the three tehsils with Chitral Town and airport as well. It will also help to reduce the heavy traffic flow in the town area. Since these important projects are to be launched with Japanese aid, therefore, to ensure the quality and standard specification, the Japanese expertees should be engaged to monitor the projects.

  4. Excellent news given by BH Azad 5 January 2017 from the office of District Nazim. The bridge at Gankorini shall hopefully be like the one built by Japan at Jughore near Chitral Scout Fort. These bridges have enumerable benefits and shall give comforts to many in the District. Bridges like Orgoch and Madak connecting Torkhow to Mulkhow are also very important for the people of Upper Chitral. These are the best news given by our District Nazim Chitral. We the people of Chitral look very favorably and positively towards such developmental projects undertaken by government and non government national or international organizations or country. These mega projects no doubt come when some body plans and works on it. We feel heartfelt need for such bridges to be constructed at Muzhgole Mulkhow and at Brep connecting Yarkhun/Broghel valley to rest part of Chitral. We expect our Nazim to follow it up and get it done on priority basis.

  5. As tunnel was denied to travelers on three consecutive opening days due to weather conditions, now when tunnel opens on 10 Feb it should remain open for three continuous days so that the backlog of traffic is cleared in a decent manner.

  6. Reference to the news results of District Bar Association, Chitral, I would like to express congratulations from the core of my heart to Mr. Sajidullah on the occasion of happy event of being elected as President of District Bar Association, Chitral. This indeed, reflects the confidence of lawyer’s community on PML (N) and particularly Mian Nawaz Sharif. I hope you will prove your self to be fully capable to the office and perform your duty in accordance with the community requirements and welfare of the people.