Chitral News Briefs

Ten new utility stores to be opened in Chitral: Utility super stores at Drosh, Garam Chashma and Booni and normal stores at Harth, Parabek, Madaklasht, Golen, Madak, Mur Rech have been approved for opening. This was disclosed by MNA Shahzada Iftikharuddin. ..CN report, 15 Aug 2017.
Chitralis caught cheating their employers:
In the recent past the number of Chitralis caught cheating their employers in one way or the other has seen an increase. Recently some Chitralis employed as salesmen/managers in shops within five star hotels in the capital were apprehended for financial cheating. Once known for loyalty and honesty the trend is changing with Chitrali workers or is it that the opportunities are opening up? .. CN report, 10 Aug 2017
Post tunnel opening better transport system expected:
After the partial opening of Lowari tunnel transportation system is expected to improve. A recently advertised transport company is starting air conditioned luxury bus service from Rawalpindi to Chitral, to begin with. .. CN report, 08 Aug 2018.
JI decides on election 2018 candidates:
Jamat Islami Chitral has finalised names for contesting election 2018. Molana Abdul Alkbar will be candidate for NA 32 and Haji Maghfirat Shah, the sitting district Nazim will contest for PK 89. The candidate for PK90 will be finalised later. .. CN report, 08 Aug 2018.
Bilawal to mull contesting elections from Chitral:
Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto may consider contesting the next general elections from Chitral, after evaluating his visit due on 05 Aug. The local leadership has invited him so, according to reports .. CN report, 03 Aug 2017
Shandur festival to begin from 29 July:
The annual three day Shandur festival will kick off on 29 July uptil 31 July. CM KPK Pervez Khattak will be the chief guest on innaugural day. CN report, 28 July 2017
Bilawal Bhutto to visit Chitral on 5 Aug: Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto is likely to visit Chitral on 5 Aug at the request of the local PPP leadership, it was learnt here. .. CN report, 24 Jul 2017
Dharna against failure to provide electricity to Chitral town: Residents of Chitral town started a sit in (dharna) at PIA Chowk Chitral bazar against the failure of the concerned authorities to provide electricity to Chitral town as promised by them. They vowed to continue the protest till electricity is provided to them. .. CN report, 16 Jul 2017
Senior bureaucrats posted/shuffled: 
According to a provincial government notification, Minhasuddin has been posted as Additional deputy commissioner Chitral, while Hayat Shah has been posted as District Officer Finance. .. CN report, 16 Jul 2017
Chitrali Students shine in Academics:
 1. Qazi Hamid Ullah s/o Dur Wali Khan of Laspur Balim got 2nd position in Allied School Islamabad by scoring 467/510 (92%) in Federal Board Exam 2017 (class 9th). He intends to become a CSS officer and serve his country.2. Furqan Ullah s/o Col (r) Ikram Ullah Khan of Laspur Balim secured 2nd position in Army Public School Kakul Abbottabad by scoring 472/520 (91%) in Federal Board Exam 2017 (class 9th). He desires to become a doctor and serve his country. .. CN report, 14 Jul 2017
31 July likely to be landmark date for Chitral: PM Pakistan Nawaz Sharif is likely to inaugurate Lowari tunnel, Golen hydro project and other projects on 31 July when he is likely to arrive in Chitral to also witness the final day of Shandur polo festival, it was learnt here. .. CN report, 14 Jul 2017
Couple attempts suicide by jumping into river: A young couple belonging to Shotkhar Torkhow but residing in Booni jumped into the river to end their lives. The boy was rescued but the girl was missing till filing of the report. Domestic squabbles is reported as cause of the suicide attempt. .. CN monitoring, 13 Jul 2017
Private Schools take a lead in SSC  exams:  Private Schools took a lead in SSC annual examination 2017 by securing top positions in the district. According to results announced by BISE Peshawar Tanzila Ghulam d/o Ghulam Muhammad Roll-No 115493 student of Chitral Model School & College near polo ground Chitral got First position in the district by obtaining 1003 marks. Amna Shuja d/o Shuja Ahmad from The Langland School & College stood 2nd in the district with 1001 marks. This is worth mentioning that the marks of Tanzila Ghulam are the highest ever achieved by a student in the district. — Inayat ullah Faizi, 06 Jul 2017
Mehtar fêtes notables, officials at Iftar: Mehtar Fateh ul Mulk Ali nasir hosted an Iftar party for notables of various sections of society, govt officials and politicians. DC and DPO were amongst the senior officials present .. GH Farooqi, 23 Jun 2017
Plaza construction abreast Shahi Masjid halted: On the directives of the Archaeological department KP, an under construction plaza adjacent to the Shahi Masjid Chitral has be halted by the district administration. The proposed plaza would tarnish the beauty and standing of the historical mosque built in 1924 by the then Mehtar HH Sir Shuja Ul Mulk and stands as an important archaeological asset, the report said. .. CN report, 23 Jun 2017
Sultan Mehmood appointed Gen Secy APML Chitral: According to a notification of APML high command, Sultan Mehmood has been appointed as the Distt Gen Secy. Hailing from Garm Chashma Sultan Mehmood is known as a popular and efficient social and political worker. Benazir Bhutto entrusted him with huge discretionary fund due to his capability. He has served in senior positions in NGOs and has vast interaction with the people. He is also a prolific orator which is an important quality for a politician. Talking to CN he pledged to work honestly for strengthening APML in Chitral .. CN report, 20 Jun 2017
Eid ul Fitr on 26 June: According to the Met department of Pakistan, Eid moon will be clearly visible on 25 June after sunset and Eidul Fitr 2017 is most likely to fall on Sunday 26 June .. CN report, 18 June 2017
Ex DC accused of funds misappropriation: According to a joint audit report of SAFRON and interior ministry of KP, a former DC Chitral Aminul Haq has been accused of misappropriation in hiring/firing of levies personal during his tenure in 2013 causing a loss of 70 million rupees to the exchequer.. CN monitoring, 17 Jun 2017
Bail plea of accused in 21 April incident accepted: Bail plea of 22 persons arrested on 21 April this year on charges of arson after the blasphemy incident in Chitral was accepted by the local court here. .. Muhkamuddin, 16 June 2017
Citizens demand clearance of NBP debris: Citizens have demanded the clearance of National Bank of Pakistan debris located at the Ataliq chowk which was demolished five years ago for construction of the byepass road but the semi demolished structure still remains presenting a very ugly picture .. Muhkamuddin, 15 Jun 2017

Chitrali appointed CEO of a Multinational company: Naveed Zameer Yasir, a chartered Accountant, son of Late Col Lal Zameer of Ashret Chitral has been promoted CEO of a Multinational Finance company (Apex finance company) based in Dubai. .. BH Azad, 06 Jun 2017
Coaster accident on Lowari, ten die, twelve injured: A coaster plying from Rawalpindi to Chitral met an accident at Gujar parhao lowari pass. Ten persons are reported dead and twelve injured as per initial reports. .. CN report, 30 Apr 2017.
Lowari pass road opens: The Lowari pass road was declared open by NHA and the tunnel usage suspended accordingly as as per a notification of the NHA .. CN report, 12 Apr 2017.
Kalash and Sikh to be registered as individual religions : According to a ruling by the Peshawar high court Kalash belief shall be registered as a separate religion in the forthcoming census. Similarly the Sikh faith is also be individually registered. Earlier these two religions were bracketed in the Miscellaneous category. .. CN report, 04 Apr 2017
Large amount of Naswar consumed in Chitral: According to a survey (unofficial) about 300  maunds of Naswar (snuff) is consumed in Chitral town every day. This consumption figure is only second to Dir Bala town where the consumption is 25 percent higher says the source. Many petty naswar sellers from down districts who came to Chitral to do naswar business are now millionaires. Similarly, cigarettes of all brands worth many lac rupees are consumed in Chitral town every day .. CN report, 31 may 2017
Dr Bukhari appointed Director Chitral University: Dr Badshah Munir Bukhari has been appointed director of the newly established Chitral University, according to an official press release. .. CN report, 31 Mar 2017
Lowari pass road opens for small vehicles: Lowari top road has been opened for small vehicles it was unofficially learnt here. Official announcement is yet to be made .. BH Azad, 27 Mar 2017
Sajidullah elected District Bar President: Sajidullah Advocate was elected President District Bar for the year after he beat Niaz A Niazi Advocate by 26 votes to 22. Both the victor and the runner up belong to PML(N)
Similarly Intezar Ali Khan Advocate was elected president of the Booni Bar Association and Imtiaz Jan Advocate was elected president Drosh Bar Association…. CN report, 25 Mar 2017
Bureaucrats promoted/posted in Chitral:
Abdul Akram has been posted as Assistant Commissioner Chitral, while Mazhar Ali Shah has been posted as District Monitoring Officer in IPU Chitral. Both officials have moved on to senior positions from their incumbent slots. . .. CN report, 16 Mar 2017
Golen mini electric power reaches grid station: After a long delay on one pretext or the other, the completed 2 mw pwer station has started to supply power to the judilasht grid station. It is expected that soon the facility would be available to the consumers of Chitral town.– CN report, 04 Mar 2017

Urdu News اردو خبریں

Pakistan under siege

.. By Islamuddin
Right from its inception Pakistan has been under attack. Pro-India media ridiculed the very name of the country saying that the name by implication considers rest of the world impure and was therefore a racist state. Words like Paki and Musleh were invented as negative references for Pakistanis. Other countries joined hands with India for Pakistan bashing after we detonated nuclear device. U.K, USA, Israel and India started working together to take away Pakistan’s nuclear asset instead of resolving her security concerns which could have neutralized the threats from Pakistan’s nuclear capability. In fact the nefarious Indian designs, pushed Pakistan to opt for nuclear weapons, otherwise it was a peaceful program to generate cheap electric power. There are reasons to believe that our nuclear program was just and a pretext and the fact of the matter is that these countries never reconciled to the creation of Pakistan on the basis of Islamic ideology. The hangover of the crusades and survival of Israel as a Western outpost in the heart of the Muslim world have been the driving forces behind Western policies. In India they found a useful ally. Both shared animosity with Islam.

As long as Pakistanis remained united and their governments patriotic, we had nothing to fear. But now the situation has changed. India and her allies appear to have penetrated in Pakistan first via Taliban and Al Qaeda/ISIL and in recent times through influential groups and political parties. Western funded civil society nexus and economic interests of business groups led by Nawaz Sharif and Mir Shakeel have upped the stakes for Pakistan making her more vulnerable to domestic sabotage. Emboldened by powerful external forces the anti-Pakistan forces inside the country indulged into looting spree taking the money out and investing in offshore accounts and friendly markets. It came no surprise when the Panama JIT came up with revelation that most of the culprits had right to permanent residence abroad. The question is that why they needed dual nationality if not for money laundering, stashing corruption money in those safe havens and for possible migration to those places once the waters inside Pakistan got rough for them to sail.

Indian and Western capacity to dictate terms has been on the rise since the Ziaul Haq days. He did their bidding by depoliticizing the people, dividing the nation on ethnic and sectarian grounds and intervention in Afghan war which provided conduit for the flooding of our society with Kalashnikovs and heroine. Ziaul Haq’s spiritual son, Nawaz Sharif, has been carrying forward this legacy. The Pakistani establishment, blinded by the hatred of Bhutto factor, turned blind eye to the rising menace of Nawaz and avoided to act before it was too late. Now the cat is out of the back. Nawaz Sharif is out to demolish the two remaining institutions of the state having ability to guarantee Pakistan’s survival. It is a measure of the power and audacity of these anti-Pakistan forces that they have enlisted the support of government machinery and funds in their drive to discredit and demolish the independent judiciary and the army.

It is time that the guardians of the country’s security and rule of law acted against these rogue elements, make them accountable for spending people’s taxes on the rally of a disqualified politician and making the country vulnerable for terrorists as the entire government machinery was busy providing security to a person removed from power by the country’s Supreme Court on multiple charges including massive corruption. This rally makes no sense except that Nawaz Sharif wants to blackmail the judiciary and army to offer him NRO otherwise he would make the people rise against the country to make the dream of Akhand Bharat come true. It is in this background that Indian media cries out that their investment in Nawaz Sharif should not go waste. For Nawaz Sharif money is everything. His greed knows no boundaries. For him Pakistan is a business enterprise and not a country to be safeguarded.

Here it is worth mentioning that during one of the Ombudsman conferences held in Wellington, which I attended as part of Pakistani delegation, it was pointed out that Thailand and Hong Kong pursued corruption route for quick economic growth but once this corruption began to be done at the cost of the state, they decided to put a stop to it by establishing Ombudsman institutions. Today corruption is being done at the cost of the state and we do have such institutions but in practice their job is to protect corruption in high places and catch small time petty thieves to justify their fate budgets. This fact was amply brought out during the Panama case hearing in the Supreme Court. NAB turned out to be dead, Parliament emasculated and anti-corruption establishments rendered into a handy tool to victimize opponents. Parliamentary sovereignty is a joke as none of its committees can force a federal secretary to appear before it or share information. Rules of Business are silent about the powers of these committees. Instead of making and upholding laws National Assembly found it fit to eulogize a PM found corrupt by the apex court.

Pakistan is under siege. Never before were the enemies of Pakistan so entrenched in power and supported from inside and abroad. The hostility generated by a name has now found another reason in our nuclear program. It is propagated time and again that the world will not be safe as long as Pakistan remains a nuclear state. In his zeal to save his corruption Nawaz Sharif is playing into enemy hands wittingly or unwittingly. Time will tell the truth. As for now the people of Pakistan would like its judiciary to move fast against corruption and lawlessness. The army must back up the judiciary as they are required under Article 190 of the constitution. Pampered media houses, conniving and indulging in corruption and making common cause with the corrupt rulers, should be taken to task to deter others from playing havoc with national interests to protect and promote their own personal agendas.

The silver lining in the current situation, however, is that it has exposed all the anti state elements. It is now for the guardians of national security to move against them and put an end to this nefarious game once for all. Bangladesh model should be visited for the way out from the quagmire that Nawaz Sharif and his friends have created. Let the Supreme Court take suo motto notice of the smear campaign against state institutions amounting to sedition if not treason. Interim government comprising honest technocrats and patriotic politicians, appointed by the Supreme Court for 2 years, should be mandated to recover stolen wealth of the country estimated at 200 billion dollars stashed abroad before holding elections. The cost of inaction would be perilous. Corrupt political parties having a stake in the corrupt system are likely to join hands to rewrite the constitution to emasculate state institutions and legislate to legalize corruption from back date providing re-entry to Nawaz Sharif. That would be a sad day for Pakistan and rule of law. Please break the siege and help us get out of our sleepless and nightmarish nights and dreams. Let the saner elements in PML, the likes of Ch.Nisar, come out of hibernation and save PML, the founder party of Pakistan, now hijacked by the corrupt mafia, and restore its true image. We may not agree with its present manifesto but we do respect it as our proud legacy. It is unfortunate that the party once led by Jinnah, an epitome of honesty, truth, sagacity, honour, incorruptibility and sacrifice has come into the hands of Sicilian mafia. .. Islamuddin, Garum Chashma 13 Aug 2017

Lowari tunnel escalates land prices in Chitral district

CHITRAL: With the inauguration of the much-awaited Lowari tunnel on July 20 after its completion, the demand for land has registered an exponential increase, shooting up its prices in Chitral.

A number of property dealers observed that the upward jump in the price of land was triggered back in 2005 when work was started on the construction of tunnel, and the property rates peaked when it was made fully operational last month, giving an all-weather route to the district.

Shaheen Shah, a property dealer, told Dawn the price of a piece of land measuring 11,664 square foot) in the heart of Chitral town was about Rs800,000 before 2005, but jumped to above Rs12 million, a 12 times increase, as the tunnel was made fully operative.

He said most of the prospective purchasers were non-locals, causing the phenomenal increase in the prices of land as they bid higher and higher.

“Such is the case with the demand and prices of land in different roadside villages of Chitral, including the major towns of Drosh, Booni, Garam Chashma, Mastuj and Ayun,” he said, adding land prices had increased 10 times in these areas since the work on the tunnel was started 12 years ago.

The property dealer observed that more than 80 per cent of his clients were non-locals, majority of whom from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa followed by Punjab.

Abdul Ghafar, another property dealer, said with the construction of Lowari tunnel, there were bright prospects of Chitral being converted into a business hub due to its connection with the Central Asian Republics through the Wakhan corridor.

“The possibility of turning Chitral into an alternative route of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has worked as catalyst in increasing the prices of land,” he said.

Giving another reason for escalating land prices, he said the people in upper and remote parts of Chitral preferred to settle down in the towns as they availed better civic amenities there.

MPA Syed Sardar Hussain Shah said as per the constitution, no person could be barred from purchasing a moveable or immoveable property in any part of the country, and as such the process of purchase of land by the non-locals in Chitral could not be stopped.

He said the landowners could not resist the temptation of exorbitant prices being offered to them.

Mr Shah said if a popular movement was launched like the one in Hunza of Gilgit-Baltistan, where no outsider could purchase land although he could take it on rent only for a limited period, the trend of selling land could be arrested.

Published in Dawn, August 12th, 2017

The real face of Democracy exposed. Time to shift over to ‘Meritocracy’

Chitral.. The current happenings in Pakistan have proved beyond doubt that Democracy is not the best system in under developed countries. Since last three days we are seeing examples of the real face of our democracy, on the Grand Trunk road of Pakistan.

The disqualified prime minister is terming his disqualification on moral grounds by the country’s supreme court as an insult to the people’s mandate. What has people’s mandate got to do with proven charges of financial dishonesty? Can any one answer?

The PM is also saying that he was dismissed by judicial orders within one minute! What rubbish. What was the sixty days JIT investigations and the full fledged defense opportunity of his case by the PM’s lawyers stretching over months. Was that one minute?

If a prime minister who has been in office three times before also, can make such an absurd and blatant statement in time of duress, then imagine what would be the mental caliber of his ministers and colleagues running the country. And as if that was not enough, the voters on GT road are seen proudly saying that they would vote for Nawaz Sharif even if he does not do anything for them. Is this the system (democracy) that we should continue to defend. Looking at these leaders and the followers who would play in the next general elections and in all probability get the ‘lion’s’ share, one cannot hope any better time for Pakistan in future.

The answer to the perpetual quagmire that we are in, is a snap switch over from Democracy to Meritocracy. Hanging on to this electoral democracy and expecting any thing better will leave us fighting with situations like the present, forever, maybe with cosmetic change of faces from time to time. We ought to realise, it is not the faces that are our enemies, it is the anti meritocratic system. .. CN report, 12 Aug 2017


What a fall!

.. By Islamuddin

The Supreme Court decision to disqualify Nawaz Sharif presents Pakistan with a defining moment to break from the past and make a beginning to bring full benefits of freedom to the people who have waited for 70 years to see their dreams come true. One politician after the other got into power promising just that but the same was kept only in breach. Army and the Judiciary could not escape their share of blame for the persisting malaise. At last both have now redeemed themselves by saying that enough is enough and it is time to put things right lest the very survival of the state would be in grave danger.

The culture of impunity perpetuated by successive governments appears to have emboldened the rulers and their cohorts in the bureaucracy to a level where the country’s vital interests stood compromised to advance personal interests of the mafia. The situation has been succinctly pointed out in the Supreme Court decision under reference which discusses the way Sicilian mafia and the godfather operated to establish their writ. Their modus operandi was to put their men on key positions, buying and blackmailing opponents inter alia through character assassinations and finally to intimidate and physically remove them. This was exactly been done in Pakistan. Army and the judiciary either stood by or connived until it became clear that corruption was beginning to be done at the cost of the state.

Had it not been for the pressure brought to bear on the establishment by Imran Khan, things would not have moved to the direction that we see now. In the 70 year life of Pakistan Imran Khan is the best thing to have happened to Pakistan after Jinnah and Bhutto. A man of impeccable character in public life he was the ideal leader to expose the mafia. In the face of smear campaign let lose by the mafia targeting his personal life, Imran was undaunted. He was right to say that he should be judged by his public conduct and his private life was for Allah to judge. His argument won the hearts of the right thinking people but the mafia continues to confuse the simple populace.

Not many people in power have offered themselves for accountability but Imran Khan has even though he has never been in power and enjoys the reputation of being Pakistan’s Mr.Clean. The only asset he has earned is his fame which he used to raise funds for his charitable cancer hospitals and university. He shares the fame with Edhi of being honest with people’s donation which motivates them to pay more. In contrast other politicians get away with similar funds or use them for tax evasion. The best in Imran came out recently when he refused to defame his renegade MNA Aisha Gulalai who leveled serious allegations against him involving moral turpitude saying that he did not want to defame a female in a society where women are already vulnerable. This he did to a woman who appears to have made politics a business just like Nawaz Sharif.

The timing of this onslaught gives ample reasons to believe that money appears to have changed hands via her father who has been her handler. In his zeal to settle scores with Imran Khan, the former Prime Minister overlooked the credibility issue of his new found weapon. It is a measure of Imran Khan’s belief in the basic human goodness that he ignored past record of the woman while welcoming her into his party. There was enough material on record to show that this woman was so impatient to be rich and powerful that changing loyalty became a trait with her. A recent disclosure of her confidant about the saga of her and her father’s corrupt practices is a measure of poor governance of the Chief Minister or his connivance in corrupt practices. It is therefore not surprising that Imran Khan is being accused of turning blind eye to the corruption of Pervez Khattak. This incident would prove to be a blessing for Imran Khan as it would further expose the mafia and bring out the qualities of Imran Khan to the public domain. Nawaz Sharif would sink deeper into the quackmire. He traded fame for money but now he is on way to losing this money after the trial which he now desperately wants to sabotage.

The doubters of the current accountability process can only be silenced and won over if the process is expedited and supervised closely by the judiciary. The army must back the process by ensuring full security to those involved in the process. COAS did well by proclaiming that rule of law and equal treatment would be ensured at every cost. This much needed assurance would go a long way to strengthen the hands of our investigators and judges to do what the entire nation is waiting for- bringing back the looted money. Hopefully the process would be extended to everyone including those in PPP, ANP, PML, JUI, MQM, PMAP, Watan Party and NP besides those in other sectors. Starting the process with politician is a logical thing because they were primarily responsible to stop corruption and not indulge in it. Had they been upright no one could have dared to turn the other way.
The younger generation wants to believe in Pakistan. It is time they are given reasons for this belief. They want fearless, incorruptible, honest, frank and proud Pakistani to lead them. Presently Imran Khan fulfills this qualification but his life is not safe from the mafia. He must get fool-proof security. .. Islamuddin, Garm Chashma Chitral 06 Aug 2017