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Chitralis bewildered at OBL episode

Chitral --.Early morning Monday, Chitral town was abuzz with the news of the killing of Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad by the US special forces. For long the international media persistently speculated Osama to be hiding somewhere in Chitral, a guess which was vehemently refuted by ground realities and now put to rest once for all.


Whereas varying reactions to the operation against Bin Laden were observed here but one consensus reaction was that Pakistan has lost its sovereignty where an Alien country's force intrudes deep into your heartland and carries out such an operation. Some said financial corruption fuelled by insatiable greed for easy money has progressively led us to this level of 'beghairati'.


Opinion leaders, when asked by CN on telephone said that our country should have clear cut policies. If Osama was no good why did we allow him to live here and why did we not ourselves undertake any such needed operation and if he was good enough to be kept, then why did we allow foreign forces to do what they did?.  Ambiguous and dithering state policies are the biggest enemy of Pakistan said one senior citizen..--CN report, 02 May 2011..


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