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US paper's malicious report -letter5


Contesting others’ ideas, disagreeing with others and expressing one’s point of view forcefully is a healthy thing and necessary for a healthy society. When disagreements and clash of ideas, facts and opinions are expressed with anger, far fetching a relatively small matter to an extraordinary extent, amplifying it to blame the entire nation, its government agencies and leadership serve little of Chitral’s interest, to say the least.


This is how I felt reading the responses of those Chitrali intellectuals who took exception to the news item in the New York Daily News. Instead of taking out their anger with all the empty rhetorical statements, I would have expected from these intellectuals to present rational, logical and fact based arguments spelling them out in a manner that would contest the point of view of the reporter claiming Chitral to be a possible safe heaven for Osama.


On the one hand, these very intellectuals have characterized Chitralis to be of good nature, polite, respectful, reflective, well cultured and peaceful people and I agree with them all, but at the same time they have demonstrated in these letters to the editor that their language is as coarse as anyone else, their anger is as ferocious and untamed as others and their glorification of killers as champions does not reflect the very demeanor of Chitralis.


Chitral is a district, stretching from its southernmost Arandu to the northeastern tip of Wakhan, all along with the Afghanistan territory from Jalalabad to Nuristan to the Pamir with numerous mountain ranges, valleys and passes. In its southern border, the distance between Chitral territory and that of Afghanistan is only a river, may be a hundred meters wide.


 How on earth one can be so sure that its territory can always be safe from being the killers’ den. The news item should be taken as a wake up call to be vigilant and make sure that Chitral’s peaceful society remains intact and protected. That is the bottom line.

Mir Baiz Khan,

20 March 09.


US paper's malicious report -letter4


Apropos Bashir Hussain Azad's letter on Osama and the news of his presence in Chitral in the North of NWFP, I do agree with the writer in refuting the hoax. The American Secret Service and the American Army, all are telling perpetual lies, and by repeating the lies they make people believe that this may be true to some extent.


As a matter of fact, Osama has embraced Shahadat and the martyred holy warrior is no longer alive any where in the World. The Americans are using his name as a lame excuse to kill Muslim in Afghanistan and Pakistan.


In case Osama is alive and keeps on finding safe places to hide from the enemy, which a Mujahid will never do, he will seek refuge in congested cities, thick forests and deserts with large caves. The District of Chitral has no such facility. How can the most wanted person on earth seek refuge in Chitral where there is no forest, no desert and no cave. The population is not Afghan to protect the Mujahid from enemy.


Chitral is not a tribal area. It is a settled district with only 300,000 population, 9 Police stations, 18 Police chowkies and 20 Posts of Civil armed forces with a network of telephone lines, mobile towers and wireless stations in each nook and corner of the district. This is a place where a stranger is spotted before 24 hours.


I doubt the intention of the Americans. They failed in Swat and Bajaur. Now they want to target Chitral. The report of James Gordon Meek is baseless in the sense it gives the wrong impression that Chitral is banned for tourists. The fact is that each nook and corner of Chitral is open for tourists. I appeal to the Provincial Government to lodge a protest to the American consulate on their hostile attitude and baseless allegations.

Dr Inayatullah Faizi,

19 March 09.


US paper's malicious report -letter3


This is with reference to a news item and subsequent letters published in Chitral News, regarding a report in a New York daily about the US hunting Osama Bin laden in Chitral.


The writer of the report quotes US and foreign intelligence agencies as source of the report. May I ask "are these the same intelligence agencies who reported the presence of large scale weapons of Mass destruction in Iraq?".


Faridul Haq,


19 March 09.


US paper's malicious report -letter2


Chitral was the last bastion, which remained peaceful during American sponsored violence in FATA, DIK, Bannu, Swat, Peshawar, Mardan and other parts of NWFP.


Recent report of James Gordan Meek, supposedly a CIA agent, in the 'daily news Washington', indicates that Chitral will be the next target of American sponsored violence in NWFP.


The report gives a wrong and baseless impression that Chitral has been banned for tourists because Osama Bin Laden is hiding there. The report is one of the thousands of lies, the Washington based spy masters are habitual of telling. They believe in “telling a lie for hundred times and insisting that they are not telling a lie”.


Before it is too late, our Foreign office should take the Washington based newspaper to task. Chitral is a land of barren mountains with 400000 populations. Any stranger in this area is traced within 24 hours.


In case CIA and Pentagon have kept Osama alive despite his kidney failure in 2001, he will never, never take refuge in barren rocks amongst peaceful people.


 NWFP Government should also respond to the American plan of creating disturbance in another peaceful district of NWFP.

Bashir Hussain Azad,

17 March 09.


US paper's malicious report -letter1


"Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely"--can aptly be arrogated to the American political mentality in the present day world politics. Intoxicated with the wine of power it has dismantled the reverenced values of human civilization by pitting man against man rendering the planet earth the most insecure place for human's thriving. The mass killing of innocent people, the unethical support to dictatorial regimes in the Muslim world, the dual standard in resolving the disputes in the Muslim states exemplify the arrogance, bestiality and ruthlessness on part of the American political administration.

The recently published article in a section of the American Press casting malicious eyes on the most serene and peaceful district of Northern Pakistan i.e. Chitral, to be a probable hiding place for Osama Bin Laden is absolutely absurd. The American intelligence agencies without an iota of doubt know it very well, given the territorial and maximum population position of this area, that Osama can not take shelter here. What to me galls them is the peace of this district that they are unable to stomach. The suspected mastermind of the 9/11 is most probably the brainchild of the previous Bush Administration which the incumbent President finds hard to part way with.

It becomes quite obvious from the recent concocted news report that Mr. Obama is all set to fit into Bush's shoes. The irresponsible reportage and the flawed policies of the incumbent regime further expose the American administration's psyche. The aggressive use of force without actionable evidence has brought neither any benefit to America herself nor has it made the world a better place. It has only added fuel to fire and has brought more destruction to human life, property and more so the human values. It has aroused the hate of the people towards America in addition to producing reactionaries in the hitherto peaceful regions.

Retrospectively, the proxy war was waged against the then USSR by the Mujahideen forces at the behest of America . They were in the good book of America till the disintegration of the former. After craftily achieving its objective of becoming the sole super power, she deserted these people. The rehabilitation of the war ravaged Afghanistan was a major problem for Pakistan at that time as it was already sheltering more than three million refugees. America turned its back on Pakistan as well. This is certainly a case in point for any sane person regarding America 's duplicity. The status of the present war on terrorism is a sequel of the same American psyche that she wants to win a bloody war at the cost of destruction to a large segment of the world population.

It is anybody's guess that Osama might be hiding in the Hindu Kush Mountain series bordering Chitral but one thing is for sure that America certainly wants to prolong its stay in the region on one pretext or the other. The reason is quite obvious. Firstly, China is rising as a fast growing economic giant which she wants to contain. The nuclear deal between India and America leaving out Pakistan can safely be cited given the formers' strained relations with China . The bludgeoning need for energy resources of America to jack its economy is another solid reason to kill. The political analysts are of the view that in view of the receding glaciers and the far imminent scarcity of water on the planet the Northern Pakistan seems to be the most coveted destination for the Americans. Anyhow, no optimism about the end of blood shed for self-aggrandizement is in sight in the near future.

We were quite optimistic that the new administration of Barak Obama would seek a political solution to the present world political crisis. But we were on the wrong because the status quo is still there. The flawed policies of his predecessor are still hotly pursued to the great dismay of the world community. Sitting on the other part of the world thousands of miles away from America I am compelled to ask Mr. Barak Obama 'where is the change" that he wanted to bring in. Was it just a political rhetoric to secure a win in the elections? The aftermath certainly gives the answer in the affirmative.

Khalid Pervaiz,
Booni, Chitral

16 March 09.


NY Paper says US looking for Osama in Chitral

CHITRAL 15 March, 09:  A New York daily claims US is looking for Osama Bin Laden in Chitral and Kalam. In its current issue, it's reporter claims,  "Six U.S. and foreign officials confirmed to The 'NY Daily News' that northwestern Pakistan's impenetrable Hindu Kush mountains - which boast some of the world's tallest climbs - in the Chitral region have been eyed as Bin Laden's hideout since 2006 by Osama hunters aiming for the big kill".     --(CN report)

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