Eight year old bride dies on wedding night June 19, 2017

Is Humanity Completely Dead On Our Planet, This 8-Year-Old Bride Died On Her Wedding Night.

In Yemen an 8 year old child bride, a pretty small girl, died recently on her wedding night from internal hemorrhaging. A man almost five times her age was married to her. Its a very common practice in Yemen to marry child bride‘s to older men.


In 2010, a 12 year old girl died suffering in the labor room trying to give birth to a baby. There have been many more incidents to these types recorded so far as almost a quarter of the female population are married before the age of 15 in Yemen.


At only age of 8, a child bride was married and had internal injuries that bad that she died the very same night she was married.


Its very common practice in Yemen of marring more than a quarter of female population getting married before the age of 15 and that too with older men almost 2 to 3 times of the bride’s age.


These incidents have outraged groups worldwide that are trying and working on to stop this barbaric tradition.


Groups worldwide are working to stop this archaic and lame practice which is completely disgusting, but having difficulties doing it and facing many challenges.The country has almost 80% of population below poverty line and that grips the people for practice of selling their daughters to be married in their childhood itself as it gets them good prices for their children and that’s why they don’t say no to it.

The Humanitarian wants to help the groups fighting against it. So we decided to spread it to more people as much as we can. We want to create awareness.

Source: www.thehumanitarian.in

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  • Jennifer ristagno says:

    Stop this is child abuse. Mother and father that have these children why have if you are going to sell them for money get a job clearly. You weren’t stable to be a mother or father. They all need to be sentenced to death for this.

  • Sheila Bannister says:

    Anyone sellng there underaged daughters for money should not have kids. They are sick in the head, arrest them.

  • Connie says:

    We should pay the price they are paid for their female children and then allow them to be adopted in our country

  • SP Johnson says:

    A century old practice by people we in America have no understanding of can not be addresses by imprisonment or cessation. These people have lived in this manner for centuries. Why would any other culture or country believe we can stop their ” barbaric” practice? We value our children and protect them or at least try. We can not change the world. We can only educate

  • Naa says:

    Absolutely disgusting. Groom and child’s parents should be prosecuted and sentenced to death after being caned severely

  • Robin says:

    Sick and shocking. Its hard for me to understand how a mother could let her baby girl be sold for any reason so it has been done for years and years well its not ok he should be charged with murder

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