Merchandise sold in Chitral mostly fake, adulterated, substandard April 7, 2017

Chitral .. Over the years Chitral bazars have become dumping ground for fake, adulterated and substandard merchandise, whether it be food items, medicines, cosmetics, shoes, apparel or other items of common use. Even life saving drugs are not spared.

One reason for this crime against society is that the shopkeepers of Chitral in their quest to become rich overnight, borrow substandard items from unscrupulous wholesalers dealing in such items. The incentive for the shopkeeper is that the whole salers of pipal mandi Peshawar and those of Rawalpindi and Lahore cities give their items on credit to the Chitrali shopkeepers, which genuine whole sellers would not. The substandard merchandise is sold in Chitral at much the same price as that of genuine merchandise. The whole-sellers, the transporters and the shopkeepers make their profit while the consumers suffer from diseases, malnutrition and poor health because of this.

The government as it is, can not be much effective in checking this crime, but the clerics and prayer leaders can do the trick, by declaring selling of fake items as gunah kabira and unpardonable by Allah, as they fall in the category of Haqooq ul Ibaad. .. CN report, 07 Apr 2017


  • Haider Khan says:

    Strange that the mullahs have so much concern for women going to market but would turn a blind eye to what is being sold in the market i.e real issues of the society. Government should also take notice of it. Playing with the lives of consumers is no joke.

  • Waqas Ahmad says:

    Thanks Chitral News Editor for brining this core issue on news. No doubt lots of fake items are being sold in Chitral Market and most of them are the people from down country are involved.
    I have been told from the known sources that may multinational brands are re-produced in Malakand and Batkhail and sold in Chitral market. Many kids having health issues, and recent years everyone of you can notice the heart attack increased significantly in Chitral. The main cause of it is the fake cocking oil and other food stuff.
    Considering the weather of Chitral, the utilization of fruit and home cultivated grain and other organic items many Chitralis are passing away in young age. It is mainly the fake items sold in the market.
    The district administration must check the items sold in the market randomly. Otherwise it will be one of the biggest issue after opening of Lawari Tunnel and it will be almost impossible at that time.

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