Kind people are the angels of this earth February 28, 2017

      کرو مہربانی تم اہل زمیں پر ‘ خدا مہربان ہوگا عرش بریں پر

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  • Ahmad Shah says:

    … And look at us; massacring migrating ducks and doves, even not sparing garden sparrows and taking pride in it!

  • Sultan Wali says:

    Yes,the kind people are the angels on this earth both for mankind and the animals as well. But unfortunately such people are very short in this earth. These people are very loving and compassionate. Such people are also loved by Almighty Allah. An this is the reason they are on the priority list of Almighty to pick up earlier. Murder of mankind is prohibited almost in all religions. This fatal crime is very prevallant in the Muslim Community because we have forgotten the Islamic teachings. We feel pride to hunt and kill the migrating innocent birds. Hunting of birds is excercized as a sport and unfortunately our society does not condemn such people.

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