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: Suggestion for Imran Khan

: An Alternative Democracy

: Repeated floods stun Chitral

: PTI interim Dist org announced

: Flood stricken Chitral needs new strategy

: Most of Chitral paralyzed by floods

: Chitral News briefs

: Future planning for Chitral 1

: Good news for the world

: Shandur festival, a major attraction

: Urdu as official language- a backward leap

: Flash floods wreak havoc

: Case for a Chitrari political party

: Sit in protest against power outage 1

: It's a man's world in Dir

: Pakistan's Kemalist moment

: Sayurj principal vows to return

: The Langland school

: Lesson for the world from Ramazan

: Lowari tunnel progress be made public 1

: Democracy's failure highlighted yet again 3

: Disorganised elections in Chitral 1

: Kalashas in the circle of dance

: Five killed in lightening mudslide

: Garam Chashma Diary

: When sanity takes a back seat

: Karachi massacre widely condemned

: Police demands service charges from private...

: PIA bent upon self destruction

: Qaqlasht pollution worrisome

: PM to visit Chitral soon 1

: Chitral seeks annulment of Shandur MOU

: Martyred Officer buried with honours 1

: Less politics, more deliverance please!

: Elections and unity of Ulema 3

: SBBU slams undue tax on Colleges

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Chitral, flood hit





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"If you want to feel rich, just count all the gifts you have that money can't buy"

"If you want to feel rich, just count all the gifts you have that money can't buy"